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  1. Erroneous. I'm called intelligent every day. Usually just by myself during my morning affirmations, but that still counts, right?
  2. This is an excellent comparison. Stop chasing revenue (distance) and focus on reducing expenses (i.e., focus on fundamentals).
  3. Let me preface my comments with this: I'm currently a bitter human being due to work preventing me from playing golf and/or partaking in any sort of real life for the past several months, so my current predisposition is to take the cynical viewpoint. With that out of the way... While I don't think the sky is falling for Rory, I do think his best days are behind him. His personal life has clearly taken a much larger role in his priorities (no gripe here) and seems to have had an oversized effect on his game. Moreover, his general attitude seems to be lacking a true winner's mindset. What I heard in his interview (and here comes the cynic) was him blaming his issues on himself, but also buttressing that with outside influences in a "it's not my fault" way. His comments, to me, came off as an attempt to blame his decision to chase speed on Bryson's dominating performance at Winged Foot, and his veiled attempt to take a dig at Bryson for using single-length irons. It seems like every time Rory talks about his problems, he has to mention someone or something else as a catalyst. He's still one of the best golfers in the world, but his best days are behind him. He may pull out another Major, but I don't believe he will seriously compete for many wins going forward.
  4. I have an Atmos TS Black 7X in my backup driver and am considering putting that shaft into my gamer. It is the best driver shaft I've played. Like @Red4282, I didn't see the Ventus Black as an improvement. To me, the Atmos is a better feeling shaft and I am much more laser-like with it than with the Ventus Black. The Ventus Black is by no means a whippy shaft, but I feel the Atmos is much more stable.
  5. I find the C-Tapers to be smoother and better feeling than the PX. I've played the C-Taper 130X (my current shaft) along side the PX 6.5 and the PX is a much harsher shaft. I, too, find the C-Tapers to be a higher flight than expected, but it's definitely not an issue. I will disagree with @bodhi555 regarding the elbow pain. I've been playing C-Tapers for some time now and I've never had any issues with pain. I played the DG TI X100's before the C-Tapers and I couldn't make it through 36 holes without excruciating pain in my wrist (I have arthritis). I've had no such issues with the C-Tapers.
  6. I spent a good bit of time at the range today trying out the Ultralite Medium, Tour Medium, Tour Large, and Tour XL. Bottom Line: I just bought a full set of Tour XL's. I normally play GripMaster leather grips, which I still love. But, the JumboMax feel so much better in my hands and my contact was definitely improved. And, my ball flight with the JumboMax is perfectly neutral. Despite this, I was able to fade and draw the ball, though it did take more effort than it normally takes. As far as differences between the grips, there isn't much other than feel, at least to me. I don't wear gloves anymore, but when I did, I wore an XL. The XL JumboMax feel the best to me. I definitely felt a difference in swingweight between the Tours and Ultralites, and the Tours definitely feel heavier. But, that was definitely to my liking. I didn't notice much difference between the Medium and Large, or the Large and XL. But, I did notice a difference between the Medium and XL's. My suggestion is to get a sample pack with a Medium and XL so you can see which works best for you.
  7. Has anyone had any success reaching out to JumboMax? I received a sample pack this morning and, unfortunately, they sent the wrong grips (the shipping manifest and my order show the grips that were supposed to be sent, but the actual grips are wrong). I emailed them this morning and have called them to no avail (every call goes to voicemail). I understand that it is Corona-times, but I was really hoping to have grips to install and use this weekend, which appears to be out of the question at this point given that it's Wednesday afternoon and they use two-day shipping. If you have any insights on how to get in touch with them (aside from the email address and phone number listed on their website), please let me know. Thanks.
  8. This. I don't use the Roo's, I use the Master Swinger's, but they can't be beat for a no-glove setup. Even in the 90%+ humidity and 100*+ heat in southeastern Texas, they hold up.
  9. When I blew them on, I used standard blue painters tape and sprayed it with grip solvent to make sliding it on easier. I didn't have any issues with slippage.
  10. Yes. I just installed a few this weekend with air. They were a little stubborn at first, but they went on relatively easy after the initial trouble. Caveat: I installed the Ultralites, so I can't comment on how easy/hard it is to blow on any other model.
  11. I find I hit my irons much better if they are 1/2” long and a few degrees upright (63.5* 7i). But, I play my driver at 44.5”, 3W at 42”, and 3H at 39.5”, with my 4i at 39”.
  12. To be accurate, I don't think Tiger cared about carpets matching drapes off the golf course, he just wanted to park in whatever garage he could find, regardless of whether that garage was at Perkins or a nightclub.
  13. That's helpful information. I know it's a silly reason (color choice, that is), but I recently just built a new set of clubs using neon-ish yellow shafts and neon green ferrules. As such, the neon green and black of the Tour's is much preferred over the red/white/blue color scheme of the Ultralites.
  14. I'd love for someone to weigh-in on the swingweight issue. I know @Hack Daddy mentioned it briefly, but I'm hoping someone may be able to expand a bit more. Specifically, I'm considering the Tour XL's (the UltraLight's could work, but the color scheme on the Tour XL's is much more to my liking, as petty as that may be). My current grips weigh 56 grams, or 66 grams less than the Tour XL's. Per standard swingweighting calcs, all else being equal, my clubs should go from D7 to C3 based on this extra weight. I'm not going to say I'm the most sensitive to swingweights, but I imagine the difference between D7 and C3 would be relatively noticeable. Has anyone switched out to the Tour XL's (or any other Tour grip) without adding weight to the club heads, and if so, how significant was the feel difference?
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