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  1. Sterling Grove today. Shoutout to @Mr. Clean for being a great playing partner! Greens are softer than they were 4 weeks ago! Wedge shots held, and I even had one shot spin back enough that it caught a downslope and ended up way short of where it landed. Granted, the shot was into the wind, but still something to note. I would still err on the side of these greens being firmer than you’d expect and adjust accordingly during the round. 4 green has some issues front right; some dead grass that is painted green. That’s the only blemish I can remember the whole round. Greens roll pure.
  2. If I may, I'd like to put my name out there as one that would be available. I played here a month ago as a "treat yo self" kind of round and was very humbled by the course. I've been itching to go back and improve my score haha.
  3. 2018 Masters had just over 3000 pars. Use that info however you wish
  4. Yes! The course overall is in great shape! Grass is well manicured everywhere!
  5. Sterling Grove. Great conditions. Greens are challenging, but seems to hold wedge shots nicely. I had one shot back up from about 75 yards. I played terribly so I can’t comment if something longer than a wedge will stick to the greens. Side note: attendant said they don’t expect to go private for 2-3 years, so there’s time before you’ll need a membership to play.
  6. Heading there tomorrow! Do you recommend playing to the front of the greens? I’ve heard that’s the best strategy due to how hard the new greens are
  7. First round with the new setup: 44 inches w/ 20g in toe and 10 in rear, stock in the other two. Averaged just under 300 yds on the day. This thing just goes and goes. Even with the toe weight, I had a duck hook on one hole.
  8. Wigwam Gold today. Great shape. It was fun figuring out if my rough lies would be fliers (spoiler: they were). Greens were a little slower than what I thought they would be, but they rolled true. Sand is in great shape. They lost a lot of trees in the recent storm, so some holes are opened up (5, 17, 18 from off the top of my head). A couple holes were CPO.
  9. Futures Course at 500 club Wednesday afternoon: good, dry conditions. One or two tee boxes need to be leveled, but that’s my only complaint. Thursday morning: wetter conditions compared to the day before. One of the greens I missed cost me three strokes because I went from one muddy lie to another. Other than that, it’s a good executive course.
  10. Playing there next week Thursday!
  11. I timed it well with my putter and wedge purchase. Got my new putter a month ago, and placed my wedge order literally the day before the price increase. Now, that entire bag deal they have... that is something I will likely do if they continue to offer it in 5 or so years when it's time to change my equipment
  12. How long until you return? You've been a great contributor to this thread and will miss you greatly!
  13. Cut my 45 inch down to 44 this morning. Waited for the grip to dry before taking it to a Toptracer range. I'm happy to report that my ball speed is the same as my 45 inch. It was super windy today so I wasn't able to judge dispersion (it was a heavy head and cross wind, probably 30 mph). Ball speed was lower at first, but then I added 10g to the head and it came back up. Can't wait to take it to the course!
  14. Debating doing this w/ my PXG Proto in a HZRDUS Smoke Yellow. Anything I need to be wary about besides adding weight to the head? I have the PXG weight set so I'll have no issues with that. Given my shaft is counterbalanced, any issues if I take off 1 inch from the butt?
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