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  1. Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood (15*) Head up for sale. I can probably throw on a shaft if needed, just let me know what weight/type. Decent condition, pics pretty much show what's up. SOLD
  2. The offset is minimal/negligible on both. As it is the same. Looks the same as the MB at address, to me. The soles are completely different on the new models, compared to the previous generation. Progressive bounce, basically. Less bounce on heel and trending to more bounce on the toe. Weakening lofts on the T100S sounds like a bad idea for turf interaction, and not necessary. Hit both the T100/T100S side by side the other day. Look and Feel were exactly the same. Which model just depends on what lofts you prefer for your optimal flight, to be honest.
  3. I have similar thoughts on this as well, ie., the grip being a big problem with regard to these "ultra-stable" shafts. Different grip compositions surely would alter the measurable amount of torque at the hand level, if there is even a way to measure that. And, if there is, it is most assuredly negligible at our level of perception. I like the idea behind these shafts. And, I like selling them to customers. But let's be honest, it is almost certainly BS when it comes down to it being an actual, measurable variable. But, placebo can certainly make one a better putter though.
  4. Same look and dimensions, but even more tungsten in T100s.
  5. try 2* stronger loft (28), and see how the results look. And, consider a ball change.
  6. I deal with this nonsense all day, everyday with customers. Anything you order; heads, shafts, grips, new release, current stock, etc etc. Custom fit, or worse, OEM orders. Expect it to take 8-10 weeks minimum. Probably longer. Set your expectations very low, regardless of what the OEM's tell you about delivery eta's. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised if it lands on your doorstep early. People need to chill. It's just golf clubs, and none of us here make a living swinging em.
  7. Offset is minimal at standard loft. No need to bend it out/less.
  8. No pics allowed yet, as far as I know. The regular finish is more satin, definitely not shiny. Pretty ideal look, to be honest.
  9. Ht the black 50.09 quite a bit the last two days. Feels exceptional, and really looks good. I've never been a fan of black wedges, but with the raw face it's not really an issue. Hit the 54.11? (I think) in normal finish too, was pretty good. Seems like the higher bounce versions weren't as great a feel to me, same with a 56. But I'm sure different swing types will have different feel/results. Just wasn't as enamored with it as the much as the 50. They definitely feel and look way better than the new Jaws Full Toe wedges. Although, I only have access to the 56 and 60 so far.
  10. Hit the T100, 200, 300 quite a bit last night at work. The T100 absolutely is an improvement in feel from the previous version, which was very good too. No, it doesn't feel like a MP20. It feels more dense/firm at impact, in a really good way. Looks like the 620 at address, just a different/satin finish. Pretty confident this will be the best selling players iron for the next year or so. The T200 is probably the best looking hollow bodied club I've seen yet. It feels really good, but definitely still has a hollow/clicky feel, as they all do. Feels much better than 790/770, and way better than the Mizuno HMB (which isn't hard to do). What is most impressing is the look at address. Everything is right. Minimal offset, small blade length. Pretty much ideal. Ball speed was great, but not a ton higher than T100 for me. Workability seemed solid too. They will sell a ton of these. T300. Meh. Decent shape to it, and big improvement over previous one. Feels mediocre, but about what anyone would expect from this category of irons. Players fitting into this iron probably wont care about feel. More offset, obviously. That aside. In the few fittings I've done with it, it has out performed the Apex DCB almost every time. Which isn't easy to do.
  11. Sloppy work indeed. But, you are asking them to bend/tweak something that is somewhat soft anyway. You should expect some markings. Granted, these look a bit severe. But, another 10 rounds with those irons and you probably won't be able to see anything. There is zero chance you will get any new equipment through a warranty or anything like that, so don't even bother going down that road with them. Tell them you're pissed about it and maybe they'll give you a dozen free balls and pay your tab at the bar. They are just irons, you'll be fine. Get over it.
  12. would lean towards Elevate as well, and maybe try Steelfiber FC i80s if you can test them.
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