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  1. Thanks, is there an element of turn before the push off? I've been told to make sure my left knee is the first move, but not sure if I do this through feeling like I'm turning or just flicking the left knee out. This video below seems to indicate it's a turn first?
  2. Cheers for this, that feeling of pushing the hips back is what I was trying to do today but everytime I did it on the downswing I was just early extending and straightening the left leg too early. To push the right hip back are you consciously pushing off the ground to do this?
  3. So I had a 'mini' breakthrough today, I ended up trying to use my golf bag as a prop and get the feeling that I squatted into my left side (and the golf bag) and actually added flex to my left knee. This 100% helped the start of the movement and not early extending but I'm still early extending towards the end, watching the video back I'm still not getting my left hip back far enough. Any advice, as anytime I try and get the left hip back I end up pushing against the ground and straightening the leg too early
  4. Not sure I feel comfortable taking that to the range haha!
  5. I've recently been doing the swiss ball drill at home to help fix early extension - https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqVQ3qFo1E/. The drill makes a lot of sense to me and really helps me get the hip depth on the downswing, unfortunately though... I can't do this on the driving range due to facility limitations. I'm looking for a training aid that I can attach to my bag that I can rest my butt against for feedback whilst hitting balls. I was wondering if anyone had managed to fashion anything that solves for this, I once saw a guy on the range with a piece of foam that was attached to his bag but it looked like a homemade contraption.
  6. Realistically you're going to struggle to get the numbers through a survey on this site. I'd recommend sharing the basis of the idea (without giving away everything so people can imitate) and get peoples initial thoughts / feelings towards it. What I'd be wary about is that on this forum you are speaking to the most engaged golf fanatics, realistically we're few and far between so bare that in mind with whatever response you get. FYI I can't access that link
  7. Yup I would of thought very similar things. I see the foam roller as more about keeping in balance and the Swiss as making sure that your hips are back and you rotate properly, I'm not 100% but there might be a way to do that not in balance. Dan actually told me to do the Swiss ball drill as I was sliding in transition and not getting my left side out the way and behind target line. Not got the Swiss ball yet but excited to try, although I won't be able to do it on the range!
  8. Thanks very much! After posting I did realize I was abit inside and shut but was trying to get some extra depth so was a bit blinkered whilst practicing! This makes sense though, will give it a try and see what happens
  9. Misses are a hook or a block at the moment. Striking well but but of a high flight. Feels like I'm doing nothing with my legs / body ATM.
  10. Seen this interesting drill from Dan Carraher, I really struggle with my balance / pivot and early extend slightly, feel this could definitely help. Would be really interested to hear peoples experience with it and any watchouts. https://www.golftweet.com/264845/my-coach-dan-carraher-gave-me-this-drill-im-hitting-on-a-foam-roller-thats-s/
  11. Hi fellas. I'm trying to improve my interaction with the ground to get more power. I currently don't push off at all, I have tried pushing off my left leg and it definitely helps my swing speed but I tend to move off my right hip too early when trying this. I understand your meant to keep a gap between the legs while you transition before you push off but I've not found a drill that works for me. Any videos / advice?
  12. I like that thought. One thing I'm still not sure on - should it just be the wrists that go south east or the arms too? ... My guess is just the wrists as the arms might get stuck otherwise? Hoping to go to the range and try this tomorrow, going to exaggerate and not worry about the pivot hopefully it causes the push slice and then I can work on the pivot from there
  13. I was effectively getting the push slice when I was doing the cast only. (although it was more of a push draw so maybe I was compensating with the wrong kind of wrist movements to close the face). When I do the cast 'correctly' it feels like I'm basically long arming it (especially with my right elbow) at impact. Finding it almost impossible to get the feel for the proper pivot, the Malaska video on how to move the hips clears my understanding up massively. I can do that in isolation but I'm still really struggling to combine these two movements. Probably as I'm trying to smash the hell out of it. Yup I feel you, every fibre of my body just wants to shallow with the right shoulder. Next time at the range I'm going to really dial it down, it feels awful at the moment but that's a good thing, anything other than awful probably means there's not much of a change.
  14. Thanks this makes sense, glad it's actually right as contact was great. Just need to work on what it feels like to 'rotate' correctly rather than my usual hip bump, drop of right shoulder etc.
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