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  1. I ordered the 17 and 21 Wednesday and have no shipping info yet. Order processing
  2. well you guys got me... order placed. 17* and 21* w/ Trono 75x
  3. Depends on your wants but I have the same 125 Accra iSteel in my 52 as my irons. Then in my 56 and 60 I use an 8i 125 Accra shaft in my other iron set I have KBS $-Taper 130 and the 3 wedges have $-Taper 125 Personally I dont notice a difference between both 52* shafts..... now if it was KBS Hi-Rev that comes stock in some clubs now then id absolutely get rid of that. Hate that shaft
  4. pretty cool for them to include rails on the sole
  5. hard to say without knowing your swing. Those are drastically different shafts and C-taper is quite an animal. Your distances are above average so id assume you're around 107 - 110 driver speed Personally whenever I tried DG120 x100 in fittings it was always on the higher launch and higher spin side for me. I dont think it feels or performs anything like regular DG x100 The thing with the C-taper's is although it is usually the lowest launch and spin shaft out there, it could also have the opposite effect if you dont have the speed for it. When I compared C-taper lite 115x to C-Taper 125 S+ I found the 125 S+ to be higher launch and spin to CTL bc I wasn't closing the face as effectively I would probably start with the C-Taper 120 S and see how that goes
  6. GLWS. I play the PF1's and love them. Have been tempted all year to grab the PF2 also for when the swing is rusty
  7. why look to get yours done when you can have these!! haha j/k... Ive dealt with him numerous times on eBay ted_hanson here is their FB page. Hanson's Custom Golf https://www.facebook.com/hansonsgolf/?ref=page_internal
  8. Thanks man appreciate it. Very cool looking set and really hoped they would be a good fit for me
  9. I bought these new as a custom refinish from Ted Hanson custom shop. Looks like they were possibly used before the refinish. Photos show Golf Pride CP2 grips but I put on new align grips. Used 1 range session for me and instead of messing with the shaft I’m just gonna go another direction 2019 p790 4 , 5 , 6 2019 p770 7 , 8 , 9 , P KBS $-Taper 130x. Brand new golf Pride z-cord align w/ 2 extra wraps. Standard length lofts adjusted to: 4-23* 5-26* 6-29* 7-33* 8-37* 9-41.5* P-46* ASKING $1,100 OBO….. the set also came with a new MG2 50* w/ $-Taper 130x. Will include if price is right for the set pin 10/21
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