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  1. Overall how do you like the Drago shaft?? ive wanted to try VA shafts for a while now. I just bought a VA Nemesys for the proto hybrid but haven't gotten yet. I ordered the extra weights kid to add some more weight to the head Ive almost pulled the trigger on the Drago a few times on eBay. There's a Vylyn availabl but I fear it would be too soft for my liking. Drago seems to be the one id fit in most. There was a used club at PGA store a while back that had Raijin in it but I found that to be loose and definitely high launch
  2. My thoughts exactly!! My first PXG club was the proto driver and it’s been hands down the best single club I’ve ever used. Liked it so much I bought the 0211 3w on release day but I didn’t know a proto fairway was coming please keep me posted. I would just need the head if you do move it
  3. well for this years lineup it happens that the stock retail offerings (Alta CB, Tensei Av raw orange, rogue white) are all counterbalanced shafts that should SW at D3. So you should be able to swap out a counterbalanced shaft of your choice and it should be fine People who play a more of a low launch/low spin shaft like ventus black or hzrdus black might find it to play very heavy. But people usually playing those shafts are fast swingers and prefer the heavier head weight. Id bet those SW's come out around D6 with no adjustments
  4. yea typically about 3 points. Usually you can just buy a slightly heavier weight instead of the stock weight and you should be fine im a fan of lead tape so a couple strips of tape will help also if you cant get access to a removable weight in theory counter balanced shafts should let you swing the club the same speed but with a heavier head weight for more distance
  5. those options you mentioned are fine but id look at the Bridgestone Tour B RX for less spin Titleist AVX could be an option also but those have lower flight
  6. if anyone decides to move on from the proto 3w let me know please. I have the 0211 but im not too impressed with it debating between ordering a proto or waiting for gen4... ideally want the proto to match my driver and hybrid
  7. With Ping having such heavy head weight I think their real performance and benefit gains usually come from a counter balanced shaft I had a tensei pro orange in the 410 LST and it was amazing. ultimately just didnt like the look at address and went back to SIM
  8. yea SIM Max (to me) definitely looks better and sounds better. SIM should go farther with less back spin on better strikes but overall G410+ is gonna minimize big misses If you're looking for forgiveness check out the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme. I won a free set of Cobra clubs last year otherwise I never would have considered even trying Cobra. The Xtreme was an amazing driver. Head shape is a little large and the sound is loud but performance wise it was incredible. If im being honest with myself it was much better performing in every category possible than SIM Max but I just wanted t
  9. as someone who is diehard TM and played the SIM Max, the G410+ is way more forgiving and its not even close. If the lone criteria is forgiveness then id go with G410+ and not look elsewhere. Looks, sound, feel are player dependent but forgiveness alone youll be happy
  10. The more pics I see of the Gen4 woods, I gotta say they're starting to grow on me. I certainly won't ever say I love it, but depending on camera angles they look ok. I prefer my proto driver and hybrid, but since the 0211 3w isn't too great of a club I might just replace it with the Gen4 3w
  11. yea its a shame their marketing and website sucks. They make awesome shafts Almost 2 years their "shaft selector" would only recommend a White Tie 50g R no matter what info you put in. ] Unless you really follow golf and equipment, like alot of us here do, people still probably have no idea about the Tour AXS lineup
  12. Very cool to see New Level getting some love here!! I went with the limited edition blacked out PF-1's right after Christmas. Those heads are tiny!! Probably should have went with the PF-2's but man the 1's feel incredible. I played the 623's last year and those are highly underrated. Easily the most forgiving blade type iron out
  13. looking for this exact comparison. Ive had SM8's since august and they've done everything I want. Feel is ok but after playing RTX4 for almost 2 years im strongly considering trading SM8's for Zipcore's
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