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  1. shipping notification today for 3w and 2 hybrid!!!! next week cant come soon enough... im loving the gen4 driver so much I had to get its matching siblings
  2. Need to get rid of?? im listening...... those look awesome btw
  3. exactly what I though when I saw it..... description does say "oversized" so I wonder if it'll be comparable to the super hybrid
  4. wow man thats crazy. Tipping the cat 5?? My SS is 112 and I got fit in the 60x (cat 4). Its been very stable for me and given me consistent 11* launch with a slight fade on it I think its a highly underrated shaft and not too many people play it. I think you would have a hard enough time selling it as is so I say go for it! Might as well try tipping it as an experiment bc still not alot of people even think of trying this shaft
  5. will do!! The Proto 3w was really the only thing I wanted to upgrade bc it didnt impress me.... but with the sales I figured screw it ill buy a hybrid too. Hopefully its not a mistake bc the proto 2h has been the best individual club ive ever bought I just gotta decide if im gonna keep the proto driver ,3w, and 2h in my backup bag. Ill try to get on a monitor first to see if I can compare everything
  6. completely agree. I dont know what it is but its pretty much automatic hitting the center of the face time and time again. There's nothing negative I can say about the Proto, its truly been the best driver ive ever played, but the Gen4 seems to top it in every way. I need to get them on monitors to see the difference. Based on the feel off the face and watching the ball flight I would say Gen4 is quicker, lower spin, and slightly less launch......and surprisingly super forgiving.
  7. pulled the trigger today on Gen4 3w and 2H !!! The 3 rounds ive now played with the Gen4 driver have me convinced to make the upgrade!!
  8. Sale PENDING.... buyer waiting for me to send pictures of face later today
  9. Mizuno JPX 921 Tour 4- PW. These are in great shape with less than a handful of rounds on them. The shafts are upgraded Accra iSeries Steel 125g, standard lie and loft. These are from a previous build and have some residue left over from the previous build. They had a longer BB&F ferrule on there and the club builder did a poor job cleaning up the left over. A different ferrule would easily cover it up. The grips are MCC +4 with logo down...... asking $old and I just realized I didn’t take pics of face. I can assure you they are very clean. Of course I
  10. and on a side note I called in asking about any deals hoping to pick up a 3w.. Gen4 drivers call in price are $349 Also for the full bag deal the guy told me you can go driver, 2 fairways, and 2 hybrids at no upchagre. Sugar Daddy wedges are 2 clubs but if you wanted a 3rd it would be extra $249. Only thing that sucks is the shaft selection but I guess if you're getting ready to fork over $4000 then whats another $400 for shafts. I think I really wanna dive in for the full bag deal. Expensive yes, but definitely a steal for what you get
  11. Was able to play 18 after work yesterday.....11 of 14 fairways! Such a penetrating flight and it really keeps the ball online. As much as I love my Proto driver and how it transformed my tee game, I sadly have to sell it. Gen4 all the way! My friend was spraying his driver all over the place and hit 3 total fairways. Let him hit my driver as a 2nd ball 3 times and he dead centered the fairway each time! Im 165 ball speed and he tops out around 172. With the drives he hit with my Gen4 he was about 20 yards past me
  12. No I dont but thats also bc I have a 12.5g weight in the front and 7.5g in the heel (2.5g in the other 2 and set to 8*. This gives me a straight flight to small draw With the Gen4 I went 2.5 heel and front, 15g in back. Ive got a 7.5* head so the 15g in back helps with launch and control since its low spin enough already. In this setup I have the smallest fade ball flight Ive used Tensei Pro Orange 60tx in both setups at 45"
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