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  1. phantom x5.5 sold....ventus blue sold only TENSEI PRO ORANGE 60TX remains
  2. Ventus Black Patriot edition sold.... PXG Utility sold
  3. Lol sorry kinda important stuff to leave out 34.5”. Lamkin sinkfit strsight
  4. All driver shafts play at 45”. 3w shafts play at 43”... UPDATED 10/14 Tensei Pro Orange 60tx. PXG adapter, untipped… $160
  5. my head is about to explode looking at all this sexiness..... all I can say is wow
  6. wow!!! I have 2 2021 phantom x5.5's w/ stability tour black....do I want to move one? Tough decision here Sweet setup!
  7. So do I haha..... yea their stuff is awesome and of course next size up is sold out so im out of luck
  8. Bought 3 new 1/4 zips and sweats that don’t fit. I wear a Small in the polos so figured the Small 1/4 would fit but it’s much shorter in length and shoulder width. Definitely a classic fit Small compared to the polos which run big to size. Everything is new with tags. I only tried on the black 1/4 zip. Looking to get back close to what I paid Brand new the 1/4 zips are $145. Currently on sale for $100…. I’m looking for $90 each Colors are Shepherd (black), Maltese (navy blue), and Wolf (light blue). All size Small Script “G” jogger size small. New $145, on sale for $116…. I’m looking for $90 take everything for $320
  9. I agree with gap wedge being the same shaft as your irons. sand and lob are personal preference I have the same Accra iSteel 125 shaft in my gap wedge and put an 8i iSteel 125 in sand and lob bc I dont play full shots with either.
  10. finally got around to ordering some wedge shafts and looks like they'll be here tomorrow! For me personally, these shafts have been the single best purchase for my golf game in the last 5+ years. My iron play now is stronger than its ever been
  11. Totally agree. I've never looked at PXG before last September bc of the price. When the Proto driver was available for $350 I went and got fitted and it was the best thing ive ever done golf wise Since the Proto driver was so successful for me I ended up buying the proto 3w and 2h. Those were great also and cheaper than every other OEM which made it an even better purchase in my eyes. I've since upgraded all wood and hybrid to Gen4 again bc of the price. I didnt buy the Gen4 when it was $600 but once it dropped to $299 I happily took a chance and felt like I was getting something special
  12. Honestly the Ventus Black isn't too boardy at all. If you can play the smoke black rdx comfortably then you'll be fine with the Ventus Black for the OP, Ventus Black is my #1 choice preferably. Next choice would be Accra TZ5. Otherwise I would go with original hzrdus black over rdx black. For me it was lower launching but you cant go wrong with either honestly. Recoil is definitely a higher launching shaft so just about anything will be lower launching than that
  13. wow amazing price on these. Ive got same pair and the lux knit pebble GLWS. hopefully these dont last long at $70 off for a great shoe
  14. VA Nemesys is the highest balanced shaft I know of. Had one one 3w and hybrid. Loved them and had 0 complaints when I played them but ended up fitting in to different shafts after adjusting my swing with some lessons Not as stout or demanding as Tensei Pro Orange
  15. You're gonna love them. Very unique shaft. Ive never played an iron shaft that is so smooth yet stable. I have a pretty quick transition and these hold up to every swing I put on it I found the same in my fitting. There are slightly longer shafts for me but that was mainly due to lower spin. My dispersion has tightened up dramatically bc of iSteel 125's
  16. cant say enough about how much I love these shafts. According to Arccos, my last 9 rounds ive gained 1.2 strokes on shots 100 - 150 yards and 1.8 strokes on shots 151 - 200Very accurate and tight dispersion.
  17. any interest in a ventus blue 7x 3w shaft for the ventus black? Id throw in extra cash as well. Thanks
  18. Absolutely love the 13.5 setup I have with Ventus Black 7x. I dont ever use 3w so I didnt lose anything by dropping 3w but now have a very accurate club thats about 20 yards shorter than my driver. Last round out I hit 6 of 7 fairways with it Like most have mentioned ive found the best success with this when teed up lower and a neutral swing. When I tee it up higher and put a driver swing on it is when I personally get a little wild with it
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