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  1. > @mootrail said: > I had four SLDR Mini's, four AeroBurner Mini's and a Callaway 1.5. The SLDRs were just ok, not really long as they spun quite a bit and not what I would characterize as forgiving. The ABs were better and who knows why I had to try every loft plus a TP 12° (not to mention how or why I had four SLDR Mini's!). Longer and more forgiving, but like the SLDRs, the 14° & 16° spun and launched too high. The 12° launches pretty high as well, but it's a keeper. Decent yardage, but no more than many modern 3 woods. The TP 12° has a completely different head shape and it just didn't click for me. That's ditto for the Cally 1.5. > > The Original One Mini Driver is in a completely different class and makes all of those clubs look like ancient history. The number one thing not to be fooled by is comparing the OO lofts to any of the predecessors. This club launches low and spins low. My 13.5°'s flight is much lower then my AB 12°. If someone says it's anything other then low launching and spinning, you can be guaranteed that their SS and AOA are way up there. So a big evolutionary step up from Taylormade, easily longer and more forgiving then any Mini's before it. I have to add that my misses seem less punishing and I'm beginning to believe Twist Face is real. I have a 110 - 112 SS and AoA with driver is +4....the Original One 13.5* is still low launch/low spin. I absolutely love it. I even have in a GD AD IZ shaft to help bring launch up just a bit. On simulators this launches at 14 and spins consistently under 2600......and so damn accurate!
  2. stay in the px lineup and get the LZ 6.0. A little more active tip to help with launch
  3. > @ConnorBennink19 said: > Does anyone have an idea about the GD Tour AD DI BB? Would that launch too low for me or do you think it would fit my window of mid with low spin? "blue bullet" scares me a little LOL The BB is a great shaft and does indeed launch "bullets". With a negative attack angle tho I dont think its best for you. If youre looking in the GD Tour AD line up personally I'd suggest the AD IZ. Hands down the best feeling shaft ive ever swung and very easy to control. Its not stiff at the tip but definitely less active than your EF Blue. It's a very smooth shaft and I think you'd be safe in the 65g x flex. Im a 112 ss and I have the 78g TX flex in my 3w and 5w and still think its incredibly smooth
  4. my demo is coming Monday.... ive owend 790 UDI, gapr Lo, Srixon u85, g410 crossover. Other than the gapr lo which I hated, the other 3 all started off as clubs I thought id own forever. Then 2 months later something goes wrong and I cant hit them at all. Straight pull hooks Whats most appealing with the new level is how affordable it is even with upgraded shafts. currently have my eye on the 18* with a GD AD DI shaft for only $250 while those other 4 the Srixon was the cheapest at $200 stock
  5. > @gibsonsg4 said: > looking for a high launching/mid spinning fw wood for use off the deck. > > Tried out the M5 fairway and liked it but it was more of a lower launch, and i didn’t like the “hard” firm feel off the face. Also tried G410 and didn’t like it at all sound and feel wise. > > Got a chance to try the epic flash fairway and liked it, nice mid/high launch with a hzrdus smoke 6.0 70g. > > What else should i look at? F9? TS2/3? M6? > > > since you dont like the m5 its hard to suggest the m6 b/c they feel the same to me (although I love how my m6 feels).... but to answer your question I find the m6 to be very easy to launch. Ive played both the m6 3w and 5w all year (recently took out the 3w to experiment with the Mini driver), but the 3w has been the best ive ever used some have mentioned this also but id agree with a softer tip to help with launch. its expensive but the graphite design ad iz shaft ive found for my swing is the perfect fairway shaft. high launch, low spin...very very penetrating flight tho. Gets up in the air easy and flys through the air effortlessly. for the m6 if youre looking for a stock shaft (and to order online) id consider the even flow blue or ust ProForce .. Of course it all depends on your swing and some will say get fitted which I agree with also. but both those shafts should help with launch over the hzrdus smoke
  6. > @Babydaddy said: > 1) Does a longer driver make it harder to hit a draw? > 2) Does a longer driver increase mishits? > 3) How many yards does the extra length really give you > > I have tended to do better with shorter drivers- when I say shorter- I had a J33R with the stock Aldila Stiff NV shaft- I believe 45" in length. > I have a Srixon 565 driver which I believe is also 45" > I am comparing a Ping G400 that I got- which is 45.75" in length. > Comparing the Srixon and the G400 on the range- I found the Ping felt harder to get control of- I can see that the face of the Ping is sizzling hot- but I really felt that the Ping was harder to hit- I assume this has to have something to do with the 3/4" increase in length. > > What are my options in terms of reducing the length of the Ping- doesn't that affect swing weight and so you have to add weight if you cut the driver down? > Could 3/4" make a big difference in shot dispersion, all other things equal? like some have mentioned this is all individually dependent...my own personal belief is the majority of people would benefit from a shorter driver vs todays "stock" lengths fo 45.75 in. I've found more success and control playing a 44.5 in the last 4 years. Weight is definitely an important factor. I think both are equally important and again it depends on an individuals swing. I have better control and results from 70+g shafts vs 60+g the extra distance of "stock" length is kind of misleading. On perfect strikes with a 45.75in driver you'll see about 10 yards farther b/c of swing speed and ball speed being up... total avg driver distance tho I find shorter shafts are better b/c I can consistently make better contact and hit it straighter. And because of the better control of the face I can consistently deliver a better path and angle of attack to give me optimal launch and lower spin numbers. During fittings or if im messing around in a simulator I do get higher ball speeds with the longer shafts, but Ill hit more fades and slices getting spin well over 3000 leading to shorter drives even tho ball speed is higher so, Could 3/4" make a big difference in shot dispersion.....Personally I believe yes it makes a big difference, others will say no. Different things work for different people, but logically shorter clubs are easier to control
  7. > @Chuck905 said: > Demo the OO last weekend, was very surprised by the true launch angles and spin rates but the dispersion pattern was so tight. > > Read and watched all the reviews, seem to be only 7 to 10 yards shorter to the latest drivers with a 100 mph clubhead speed. I have the 13.5* and swing 110 and even there its consistently only 10 - 15 yards shorter. The head is very low spin but easy to hit square so the flight is very penetrating!! Its such a fun club to hit
  8. like some have mentioned it really depends on the turf/course condition...the mid is the most versatile imo and its my go to for pitch shots and still excels on full swings. The low I have is incredible for opening the face, but here in Chicago its mainly been wet most rounds and courses are usually softer anyways, so when I haven't opened the club face ive dug deep in the turf. 90% of the time ill never use my 58* low for a full swing but when ive tried it it usually doesn't go well firm sand the low is the best wedge ive played...softer, fluffy sand I use the mid and can still open it up some
  9. In general I think its pointless for MOST, not all, but most people to have a driving iron... but of course it depends on everyones particular game and preference. When my driver is off I have confidence I can strike my 2 iron down the middle a good ways down the fairway and use it for most par 4s under 375. For peoples games it depends on launch I think. are you a low or high ball hitter? Someone like me who naturally hits the ball on the higher side, I love the driving iron for accuracy and windy days to keep it low. It is not a club I rely on to go after par 5's with the mindset I need to hold the green. I think your current setup of having both a hybrid and driving iron is nice b/c they serve different purposes. But if your main concern is distance gapping then personally id say ditch the driving iron and get either a 2H or 5w. If it is a club you plan on needing for par 5's then either the extra hybrid or 5 wood are better options than a driving iron
  10. > @Frosty66 said: > Anyone tried this with hzrdus smoke black shaft, it works like a miracle in my 3w. I bought mine off eBay that came with a 6.5 black smoke. Its loo loose for me and I never liked the smoke shaft (lots of pull hooks) but the good shots were consistently under 2500 spin and bombed out there Not the best review I know but my smoke is sitting in the corner. Lots of people love the shaft overall, I dont care for it
  11. > @"Lacey Underall" said: > My home course is relatively short and tight. I tend to struggle some with the driver. This bad boy might be right up my alley. Is pretty much everyone preferring the 11.5* version? Anybody try the 13.5* as well? I have the 13.5 as well. Ive found it to be very low spin and actually quite low launching which ive been loving. My driver plays at 9* and the original one on average is only 10 yards shorter.....but far more accurate!!
  12. > @Lenny2 said: > Hi, I have been away from the game for about 10 years. In 2009 I was a 6 handicap but was in a really bad accident and never thought I’d play golf again . 10 years later I’m just about to start playing again I think? A couple years ago my bag was stolen out of the garage and I’ve always played blades and grew up and learned to play on Hogan blades and clubs that were stolen were Nike TW Blades. So I’ve been looking around and have hit a few sets of different clubs that are game improvement irons because my game is nonexistent. But growing up and learning playing hogan blades and playing Nike blades for many years I just cannot get past the look at address with all that offset and the size of the head . So I’m wondering if in the last 10 years with all the technology that has came into the sport if there might be a players iron that is actually pretty forgiving. The game improvement irons give you way too much area to hit the ball. I rented a set of Apex pro 19’ irons that were a combo set and went out and played in Vegas and shot a 85 so it’s not as bad as I thought it would be but My game is in no condition to play a set of true blades yet. I want to have fun playing and could care less about my handicap or scores but I need to look down and see something I am confident in . Thanks for your help For a blade the Srixon's are great clubs. the model from 2 years ago (z965's) they're quite forgiving for a blade. The 765 or this years 785s are great cavity backs Currently I play a direct to consumer company called Sub70 and theyre the best irons ive played especially for the price. I would put them right up there with the mentioned Srixon Z965s I used to play.... They have a cavity back, muscle back, and muscle back + which are larger for more forgiveness. Brand new set will cost you under $700. The KBS Tour is the stock shaft and if you geta 4 - pw I think its only $560sih??
  13. just like the above mentioned, on paper the m5 should be better for you.... When I hit them head to head back in February the m6 for me was better in every aspect. higher launch, slightly lower spin, and dispersion was much better. Over the years ive had m1 and m3 3 woods. This year the m6 was simply better for me than the m5. I could happily game the m5 and not have any issues, if I never hit it against the m6 and yes the m6 is a cannon!! Also maybe don't use a counter balanced shaft in the 3w like the Pro Orange if you think it launches high. I know technically the pro orange is low/low, but sometimes counter balanced dont work the same depending on the head its in. It's been a while since I got numbers but with my GD AD IZ shafts my 3w had 12* launch and 3077 spin and the 5w had 13.9 launch and 4209 spin
  14. JoeFrigo

    Sub 70 Clubs

    The blades finally came in 2 weeks ago and I love them! To have an entire set for under $700 is incredible..... and these play better than my old p770's. For a blade these are actually forgiving and very easy to hit. Very accurate also. Limited play with them so far but they are quite easy to work either direction and flight lower if needed, which obviously is a key point to blades. I had Srixon z965s for some of last year and id put them on the same level in terms of feel and control. Customer service with Sub70 is top notch and they put out amazing product. These irons will be in my bag for a long time
  15. Demoed all 3 when they first hit the market. Cant go wrong with either but I ended up with the m5 and couldn't be happier. One thing I've noticed with the m5 over the m3 is how much more forgiving it is. Bad strikes/ bad swings aren't punished as much as you would think the sound and feel of the m5 is the best ive ever had in a driver. love it and won't be going anywhere anytime soon
  16. > @SUPERG said: > Hey folks, > > > Recently went and demoed the epic flash SZ 3wood after I got along well with a triple diamond I picked up. It was great! ball speed and flight hit the right windows but I'm still considering the M5 and TS3. I never like a stock shaft and didn't really vibe well with the smoke or AV blue I tried. Anybody have a good premium shaft they can recommend for this head? I play a low launch shaft in my driver (testing LA TPHDE) but like mid launch in the 3W for some par 5 action. Im a high spin player so anything with tad higher initial launch WITH low spin? Should I get a low launch shaft and let the loft give me a bit more lift? > > LMK ur thoughts yall! > > > - Super G If youre looking for higher initial launch, yet penetrating, and low spin I highly suggest the GD AD IZ. Best feeling shaft ive personally ever used
  17. Lucky enough to be playing the gunmetal Lin-Q. All I can say is the purple is a mid launch/mid spin.. Gunmetal is low launch/ low spin. Counter balanced and feel incredible. I just put the tz6 yesterday in my m5 so disregard that shaft... but when testing the m5 with an elements chrome shaft vs the Hogan driver and Lin-Q my numbers were.... M5/elements... 161 ball speed, 11.5 launch, avg. 3100 spin, 264 carry Hogan/Lin-Q... 162 ball speed, 11.8 launch, avg. 2350 spin, 280 carry
  18. haven't tried the s18 but I love my rtx4's. have a mid bounce and low bounce and haven't come aross a lie I can't hit out of. The raw finish looks amazing to me (no glare on the clubs) and they haven't gotten overly rusty. Very soft feel when you hit it squarely, but also know exactly where you hit it if you don't catch it clean. They spin a lot too and to come stock with the Tour Issue s400 shaft is great for the price also
  19. You are exactly right. I absolutely hated the smoke line. The regular hzrdus black and yellow are nothing like the smoke. even in 6.5 I found the smoke to feel like a regular flex and I was hitting high sloppy slices. If you want great shafts and cheap, then look for Matrix Ozik Black Tie's on eBay. Since they went out of business you'll find them for $50 (at one time they were $300 retail). I played one in my driver and 3w for 2 seasons. I found them similar to the regular hzrdus black. The hzrdus yellow is counterbalanced so that will feel smoother. But the ozik black tie certainly isn't boardy or feels like swinging a telephone pole.
  20. > @HappyGilmore22 said: > Still trying to figure out which 3 wood I want to buy. I prefer a larger sized head since I hit it off the tee 95% of the time. Problem is that the larger heads are generally high launch and higher spin and I am a high ball/high spin player so generally fit into smaller heads. My top 3 fairway woods I'm looking at buying are the Cobra F9, Callaway Epic, and TM M6 (in this order, mostly due to shafts I can buy with these). Anyone able to compare these fairway woods in terms of launch and spin?? The Cobra and Callaway are adjustable so I do prefer that. Cobra I can also order a Tensei Pro White 80x which is my preferred shaft so that is my top choice, I just want to make sure it's not too high spin and launching. I do not have access to hit these fairways in any shaft stiffer than a stiff shaft so I can't test them. I have the m6 3w and 5w. absolutely love them. They launch effortlessly and have a penetrating flight. my 3w spins around 3200 and 5w around 3600, so I wouldn't say they're high spin. I do have GD AD IZ shafts in there which are high launch/low spin so I'm sure that helps..... but over the last 10 years I think they're the best I've ever played
  21. > @kcd38 said: > > @JoeFrigo said: > > Im a big fan of both the b x and b xs. the online fitting suggests I use the b x and have had very good rounds with it, but for spin performance ive been playing the b xs more lately. I feel like my drivers are longer and more consistent with the b x, but the b xs does shine more in the short game for me..... I played pro v 1x for years and recently played the tp5x the past 2 years. all were great balls but something about these bridgestone balls I absolutely love. im not sure if its placebo (maybe im making more consistent contact) but both balls do seem to stay online longer and more accurate than the other brands > > I have found the exact same results. Was a Pro V1 guy forever, still a good choice for me, but the Tour B/B XS have definitely been straighter and more consistent in distances for me. I currently favor the B XS for the short game control but the B X has given me some of the longest drives ive ever hit. Exactly! I cant say any of the premium balls are bad, but Bridgestone for me stands out right now. The B X is a bomber off the tee for me too, and surprised how well it is on the greens too. It wasn't until I hit in simulators and an outdoor trackman session when I realized my TP5x was so much more low spin than on every club. Fades and draws seem to be much more controlled with both Bridgestones
  22. Im a big fan of both the b x and b xs. the online fitting suggests I use the b x and have had very good rounds with it, but for spin performance ive been playing the b xs more lately. I feel like my drivers are longer and more consistent with the b x, but the b xs does shine more in the short game for me..... I played pro v 1x for years and recently played the tp5x the past 2 years. all were great balls but something about these bridgestone balls I absolutely love. im not sure if its placebo (maybe im making more consistent contact) but both balls do seem to stay online longer and more accurate than the other brands
  23. > @Stuart_G said: > > @Chuck905 said: > > > @"Adam C" said: > > > > @Pack7483 said: > > > > The Veylix Rome series shafts are designed to be fade biased. You could always drop one of those in your head of choice. > > > > > > This is not a thing. A shaft is never draw biased or fade biased. It can only return the head back to the ball based on the person swinging it. The only way a shaft can promote anything is if it flexes too much in the hands of certain swing types which will allow the shaft to launch the ball higher and close the face more causing more hooks. As for fades, that just on the golfer. > > > > Seriously? I call BS > > > > Torque and feel has plenty on direction. I hit every fairway today. > > > > I play an anti-left shaft and driver head, swinging hard. It may have certain material, flex profile in 3 places, torque rating, tipped 1”, length, lie angle and grip > > > > My buddy, a really good golfer plays a high draw based on his shaft and driver head. > > > > That bias is not really coming directly from the shaft - but rather from your particular reaction to how the shaft feels. For certain individuals, the feel can certainly be very influential in the resulting swing and shot shape but it's very subjective and can be completely different for different individuals. The same feel that makes a club "anti-left" for one player can make the exact same feel and set-up "anti-right" for another. Put it in the "hands" of a robot and you'll see very little bias - just some small variations in how much the face might close. > > So in that case, the bias is really not a designed aspect or characteristic of the shaft - although a players reaction to feel changes is still a very important aspect to consider for those particular individuals with those sensitivities. It's just not a good idea to assume that it will work the same for others. It might work or it might backfire and make things worse or it might make no difference at all. > > > As someone who played for 2 years with a Veylix Rome (fade bias) and Veylix Rome Roughneck (draw biased) I can say without a doubt those 2 particular shafts did exactly what they claimed. It could be as simple as stiffer vs looser tip section, but the Rome Roughneck was the strangest shaft ive ever swung. You noticeably felt the kick in the downswing and the face snapping shut more than any shaft ive used before Like mentioned earlier there is no magical cure/shaft to correct a problem. A bad swing and bad path will still yield bad results with either of these shafts And since there were only 250 of the Roughnecks made I dont know if anyone has swung that shaft to back up what I am saying. And I do agree "anti-left" or "anti-right" is misleading, however it certainly is much harder to work the ball the other way compared to what the shaft says it does
  24. > @cfmgolf said: > You are on the right track, making sure that what you get is forgiving enough for your mis hits. As the 2nd post stated, shots hit in the center of the face will be similar for every club due to manufacturing limits. It is the mis hits that we need to account for. Ping is one of the best brands for forgiveness in their drivers. If you like your current driver, you should look into another Ping. If you have a budget in mind, LY's G400's drivers were very good, and with all of the options they had, you should be able to find one that works for you. Agree with this too. I always like trying out new equipment out of curiosity. I didn't like the ping 400's but there 410's felt great. If I didnt have an m5 I would of gladly left with the 410 driver...... Every golf forum out there constantly raves about the G400 max so id look there also
  25. obviously drivers a preference and perform different for everyone.... In October I paid for a driver fitting and on that particular day the ts3 blew everything out of the water (this was before the flash, m5/6, f9 were all released). After that initial fitting I couldn't hit the ts3 for the life of me. Its funny you said some big misses b/c with the ts3 I had some of the worst drives ive ever had in my life and they would happen about every round. I don't think it is a forgiving driver at all I was able to return it and ended up in the m5. On absolute perfect strikes they perform similar, but my consistency with the m5 has been incredible. Its actually very forgiving. B/c of so many poor strikes and wild shots with the ts3, my avg drive with the m5 is 25 yards further (again perfect strikes are pretty similar), but I simply hit the m5 very well. The m6 is a damn good club also
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