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  1. 2 irons are tricky. Ive tried graphite shafts like KBS Prototype 95x , Tensei Pro Orange 90tx, Ventus Black 9x and they've all worked amazing for short periods of time. Ultimately they would fail me bc the difference in weight I play my irons at 125g and found the sweet spot to be either C-Taper lite 115x or currently KBS Tour 120 stiff to be what I want in the 2i When purely struck the graphite shafts flew farther with more speed absolutely. but also more mishits for me personally. With the steel shafts im about 10 yards shorter but I find the middle of the face easier now
  2. weight wise it'll feel fine and similar to Modus 120. If you're playing 120 stiff then these should be a good shaft for you. Pretty active tip section and noticeable kick through impact talking about tempo ..... these shafts definitely fit someone with a more moderate, smooth tempo. This is a shaft where it does the work for you. If you have a quick tempo and aggressive downswing it can be a bad choice what flex did you go with?
  3. Proto fairways spin a bunch.. unfortunately the Gen4 spins quite a bit too. Not as much, but still quite high the 2h spins about the same , if not even less than both Proto and Gen4 3w. As much as I loved the Proto and currently Gen4 drivers, I’d say both fairways have been a miss
  4. damn. I typically play 50 also but I couldn't find one in 3 different stores. settled for the 52 ill keep this in mind if I decide to split
  5. I’ll keep you in mind if there’s interest in the other 2 separately thanks
  6. I’ve had these for 10 days. They’ve seen 1 round total and nothing else these are getting very hard to find anywhere and there are no 60* around me so I got the 58 / 7 and was bent to 60 / 9 52 , 56 , 58 (plays at 60). Stock Hi-Rev 2.0 115g shaft. Standard length and lie Brand new $540…… asking $450 total for the set. Only 1 round played on them
  7. Thats gonna be very very hard to do bc TPO is counter balanced.... only thing I can think of is trying the AV Raw Orange and tipping it extra. Its a higher launching shaft by design and mid spin so maybe the tipping can help bring spin down a touch Otherwise try the Accra TZ6 CB. High launch / low spin design.
  8. PX LZ's launched too high for me Those are my gamer set. New Level PF-1 ...... I was playing the NL w/ c-taper lite 115x. Got fit for the Accra's bc I wasn't convinced on committing to the CTL 115x. After waiting over a month for the Accra's I got impatient and luckily found those Mizuno's already with the Accra 125's. Sold the mizuno's in 2 weeks bc I didnt like the head eventually my Accra 125's came 3 weeks later so I put them in the New Level heads. very happy with the combo
  9. Dam*** . FedEx lost my 5.5 for 2 months so I bought another one and sent it to the Custom Shop last week. sure enough FedEx found the other 5.5 w/ stability shaft. If I didnt have 2 5.5's already I would be all over this!! GLWS
  10. My shafts took over 2 months to come in from Club Champion and just got them 2 weeks ago in my clubs.. I was lucky to find the JPX 921 tours with the 125's on eBay They didnt last long bc I hated the head. Didn't get along with them and the feel wasn't great IMO. I sold the JPX's within 2 weeks Should be an easy transition for you then. At my fitting it came down to $-Taper 130x vs iSteel 125. I got very very similar results using both but the iSteel was better on mishits for me personally And its probably the difference of 5g but iSteel 125s felt easier to hit with less work
  11. Thanks man ill try to keep the feedback coming....and yea super impressed with the PF-1's!! New Level makes some great irons
  12. great set of clubs here and highly underrated!! easiest blade out there to hit and that utility is a rocket launcher! GLWS
  13. MG3's coming late Fall All their wedges are basically out of stock right now, even the new Hi-Toes. I was told late August for custom orders of Hi-Toes.... at both Golf Galaxy and 2 PGA stores by me there were less than 15 total Hi-Toes at the stores combined
  14. I picked up a battle ready bat attack last week off a member and its very weird. Looks great and love the weight of it....but that face is weird. Instead of rolling off the face like a milled putter, it seems to grip the ball like a wedge I rolled about 20 putts with it on the practice green and I was all over the place. Its too bad bc I was really looking forward to it
  15. 2 rounds in finally with these and a few range sessions. Absolutely love them. Very easy to load, very minimal kick through impact, and really reduces curve I hit 16 greens my first time out with them. Everything about these feel right the top 12” - 15” or so of the handle is stepped while the rest of the shaft is stepless like project x. To me this is what makes it feel super stable while having the tiniest subtle kick through the ball. There’s no fear of losing it left like my previous c-taper lite 115x
  16. cant find them anywhere anymore but the newer LA Golf Ozik Black Tie was awesome. Played it for almost 2 years and loved it. really regret selling it. better feel than matrix imo otherwise check out original HZRDUS Black or the new HZRDUS RDX Black. Dont look for the HZRDUS Smoke Black. Smoke Black feels completely different than those 2
  17. low spin PLUS forgiveness seems like the Tour Edge C721 is the way to go right now. Every one who's demoed it and done a review are very impressed Personally I have a PXG Proto 9* and currently play the Gen4 x 7.5* ..... I find them both to be low spin enough while being much more forgiving than last year's SIM. That thing was a low spin killer but forgiveness was non existent lol
  18. What align grips are those?! Never seen them black like that before
  19. have you tried C-Taper Lite 115x? Personally I really regret selling my 2 sets with the PXi's. They're so hard to find now and whatever is left on eBay keeps going up in price
  20. having played PXi for a few years and demoing the IO.... id say they're totally different shafts. for me everything always felt right about the PXi I hit both shafts in the same head back to back. IO launched higher, had more spin, and almost 3mph slower
  21. I dont have my gen4 yet but I can definitely agree the Proto spins too much and overall ball speed is nowhere close to what im used to from other 3w's Ive tried 5 shafts and multiple head weights. I even have a 20g in the front right now and that won't cut it either Theres a short par 4 at my home course and with last year's SIM 3w I can reach the green no problem. The absolute best flushed strikes would go over the green but mostly id be even or just off..... with the proto I swear im 40 yards short On Arccos right now my avg driver is 296, 3w is 233, 2h is 242
  22. agree the 0211 hybrids weren't great. I went with the black utility iron in my 4 spot and love it..... only 5i's left at $109! thats a steal
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