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  1. Only played 4 on the list but if I were to list them: 1 - Wild Horse 2 - Streamsong Black 3 - World Woods PB 4 - Streamsong Blue
  2. I know weather is a crapshoot but was wondering about general course conditions in May. Looking at doing a buddies trip to a couple or all the big Wisconsin courses and would like to do May because of reduced prices. Don’t want to go if the conditions are not worth the price however.
  3. Got back a few weeks ago. Only played Playa Mujeres. From what I’ve heard it’s one of the better courses there but I thought it was just ok. Course condition was ok. Staff was nice but amenities/clubhouse/pro shop was not good. Wasn’t my type of course, if you miss the fairway your ball is gone. We stayed at Dreams which is part of the course so it was approx $90 per round. I believe it was $200 if you stay off property. Definitely would not pay that. I had 3 tee times but only played twice, wasn’t that fun of a course especially playing alone so I skipped my last time. They did say that I could book as many times as I liked and if I didn’t show it was no charge, which was nice. Also they never picked me up from the resort like they were supposed to. First time the concierge messed up and second time they arrived and left 15 minutes before my pick up time. Both times the resort workers ran me to the course might keep that in mind. Getting back to the resort was no problem though.
  4. What is this? I know it's a seat but what's the name and where'd you get it? Would like a seat for my cart as well but don't want to pay more than what i paid for my cart. TIA
  5. Highly doubt it. I have a Titleist player 4 stand bag and it’s snug. Not right but can’t imagine a staff bag fitting.
  6. Would love to find this one somewhere.
  7. Thanks all. Went with the CG Collegiate.
  8. I need a new travel bag. Are the Club Glove bags worth the price or should I just go with a cheap bag and a stiff arm?
  9. Thanks. I booked a time for Monday. Is it in good shape? Was worried about the greens being punched. I probably should have asked when I called.
  10. Possibly headed to OKC for family spring break and would like to get away for a round one morning. Could anyone provide some info on the OU golf club. I've heard its public but couldn't find much info online. It has a book a tee time online option but show no availability anytime. Is it private? If it's public what do the rates look like and is it worth it? If it's not where should I go?
  11. Thanks. Mine is an 8-11* adapter. So if I set the current F8 shaft at 9.5* in a F9 or newer 9.5* head the loft will be correct and I can adjust the lofts from there?
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