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  1. Looking at joining a club in the Houston area ..suggestions would be very helpful?
  2. Broke my 3 wood today over my cart tire....hooked one into the trees made double FYI....suggestions on a new shaft ...rbz 3 wood and of course i swing it 115 mph and need Xx tipped 4 inches ?...i just want suggestions one what i should do ...but in all seriousness obviously i still have this club because it works and i pure it ..it’s my fav club but I’m willing to try diff options ...please suggest I’m willing to try something else but it has to better than what i already have
  3. > @jonn443 said: > This should be moved to apparel and FAR away from Tour/PR. Sorry I’m a noob here
  4. What watch was he wearing yesterday besides omega ...saw it on post round interview
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