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  1. I’m an improving mid handicapper (14) after a long lay off from regular golf. I’ve suddenly found a groove off the tee with a 17.5 G400 5 Wood but get more consistency off the ground with a 17 degree hybrid. Until my consistency improves I’m seriously considering carrying both. Are they too close or is it just like carrying a speciality club if I usually only carry 13 clubs?
  2. How do you get on with this? I am considering turning my 5w down to 16.5. And bring my 17* hybrid back to bag. 5w is pretty consistent 230 off tee now but still a bit hit and miss off the ground.
  3. Echo this. I’m off 14, quite consistently hit my G400 5 wood @ 17.5 (with stock shaft) around 225-230. At the minute not really seeng the need to carry more than one fairway, though I have a G400 Stretch 3 wood at 13 and an SLDR at 15 degrees. Going with 4 wedges as a consequence at the minute.
  4. I really like mine but have played 9 holes last night and tonight. First times since December, took both Stretch and Five wood @17.5, on average thought the five wood was about as long and more accurate. Putting down to lack of practice but perhaps leave it at home for the time being.
  5. I love my S56s, having played Eye2 since 1988
  6. I get on well with original Glide Eye sole at 58* , good off turf and very easy to nice high bunker shots. There’s also some bargains to be had on EBay.
  7. I use G400 5 wood at 17.5 with g15 20* hybrid, gap perfect for me
  8. Would never use another brand of irons. Been using them for 30 years. Customer service unparalleled. Eye2s were revolutionary in my improvement as a golfer (still have them) and I’m still using mS56 now, with a G driver, G400 fairways, G15 hybrids and a ZBS putter. Even other manufacturers admire their designs, just look at how many have copied the Anser blueprint, and charge significantly more for the privilege!
  9. Makes real sense. I used to rely on 3 wood when I could hit off tee and fairway. I probably used it off more tees than driver on the course I grew up on. Now though I tend to use my G400 5 wood at either 17.5 or 16.5 more often than not. Having said that driver was so poor earlier last year that carried G400 stretch instead of driver.
  10. Forgot I still have one of these too. Great client club though less adjustable than recent models. Only stop using as got a great deal in G400 Stretch 3 wood and 5 a wood together.
  11. G400 is still a great fairway too. Though at 17.5 is effectively a 4 wood though adjustable.
  12. What lifts are each club?
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