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  1. 3 hdcp Just put Miura 1957s for 6-W on Steelfiber 110's from Miz 64's last summer. Switched to the steelfiber to try and relieve my tennis elbow. Prior to that were 718 AP2 on PX 6.0 shafts Vokey 50/54/58 wedges if only my governor would let the courses open, I could see how these Miura's work..
  2. Thanks everyone, very helpful. So, middle age golf talk is all about how our joints hurt? Lol - but at least nobody is suggesting to play less!
  3. After spending some time reading on here, I'm thinking about going to graphite on my irons. Some reasons, in no particular order: help with tendinitis in both elbows and left hand, arthritis in a finger on my right hand, maybe performance? I'm a 3 handicap and play 3-5 times per week (first guy off). Beat some balls but not a range rat. I play 718 AP2 with PrX 6.0 shafts. Happy with the traj and spin. Hit my 7 iron to 170-175. I have progressive weighting with my 8 iron at D2, that goes 160. Seems like the Aerotech 110's might be a good fit. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Holy smokes those are nice. That link tho! That is practically NSFW content for club guys! Anyone hit this type of sole? What’s the interaction feel?
  5. Love watching him play majors. I like his brash talk and fast play. But it feels to me that he goes out of his way to make sure everyone knows he isn’t a golf nerd. Like he’d rather be playing a real sport but he unfortunately is so good at golf...so, respect I’ll give for sure, but you don’t get the love from us golf nerds with that.
  6. I think it can be great. It’s the playoffs and essentially the championship game, not a tournament in the old sense. I think it deserves a fresh look from everyone. I think guys were firing at pins last week too trying for positions. (I know it was soft). Totally agree the points for majors should be doubled during the year and maybe upped in some premier events. I think tennis does this. Riviera, Phoenix, Bay hill, Memorial... Guys in back need to go hard and guys in front have to handle it. Way better than two winners. I think Sunday will be fascinating. Couldn’t care less about t
  7. These guys are just flat out great. Equipment helps, of course and always has. The development of the steel shaft changed the game dramatically bc people could practice. But for average joe there still aren’t a bunch of guys who can even consistently break 80! Now, Tiger made it cool and the money is amazing so guess what they start younger and the better physical athletes stay in golf rather than football or baseball. PGA golf is a competition so give up on par, they already manipulate it on most us opens to 70 from 72 just to give the course a head start in a way. They didn’t do that
  8. That is a hell of an itinerary, kudos if you can physically do it. All great choices, but remember you are walking at sand valley and the Irish/Straits courses. It’s at least 2.5 hours from Kohler to Sand Valley. Also check on stay/play at sand bc the par 3 is really fun and with 12 guys it would be so much fun gambling after a beer. No real reason to stay in plover or WI Rapids other than saving a few bucks but based upon this schedule that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Only play the Links at Lawsonia and 36 is fun there bc when you finish you will think you have 10 strokes to save if you
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