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  1. Murphy76

    dopey hat

    Nonono, I love Korean food. I'm just saying that it might be a little exotic for some of the older guard......
  2. Murphy76

    dopey hat

    I have to admit that I also had a rather shallow wish. I didn't want Im to win because I don't want to watch a translator in interviews for the next 20 years of masters coverage. It wasn't a racist or xenophobic wish, more of a TV viewing comfort wish. Plus, the Masters dinner might be awkward.
  3. I wonder how much of that is real-estate. I heard a rumor that Topgolf really wanted to expand more in California, but property values make it less than attractive.
  4. Murphy76


    I used to wonder about this, but then got over it. It doesn't matter who he "is". He is just CPG, and that is more than enough for me. He is an awesome character, brightens my day, has given me so much entertainment- who cares what name is on his tax returns? I look at it like the whole Andy Kaufman / Tony Clifton situation.
  5. Just as an update, My dad shot his age (75) for the first time last week. Talk about a beautiful and happy milestone and accomplishment. I'm overflowing with pride!
  6. Happiness is a warm gun....
  7. A legend. Truly the best ever. Huge loss
  8. I completely agree. I have lost so many balls due to leaves. I love the season, but rue the search. A perfectly great drive down the center of the fairway can be lost because of leaves. No greenskeeper can prevent that. Such is life, such is golf. C'est la vie
  9. Please let me know if you experience any marital problems in the future. I would be happy to step in and negotiate on her behalf. Happy golfing experience with a wife? I kneel before you, my king.
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