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  1. I don't think that has to do with immigration. In WWII, the Japanese were...."less than friendly" to the people of Korea and China. The Rape of Nanjing was named that for a fairly good reason.
  2. I recall reading somewhere that 60+ percent of people on earth are someway directly related to Genghis Khan. Apparently he was quite the prolific.......lover.
  3. Got about three of those. No big whoop. If it holes-out, a great buy. If not, a nice conversation piece.
  4. There is such a course near me. It is owned by a super-wealthy guy and completely isolated. This isn't just private, its' personal. I hear that only about 100 rounds are played there a year.
  5. You may have unleashed the Krakken on this one. If she starts going down the rabbit-hole on beautiful custom putters, Well..... I hope you have a pre-nuptial agreement in place.
  6. Congratulations!!! I have yet to have one, so I'm a little jealous. What a cool 'trophy' from the course. I think all courses should do that. Plus I love all the relevant dates/stats/witnesses etc. Confused by the Snell 3 golf ball. What's doin' with that? I didn't know that Snell had made as many as 3 balls..... Suitable for framing!
  7. I was referring to the course. Couldn't they maintain it a little better???? What an ugly dirt-track
  8. This could be a good move. Maybe they will also finally move the Masters away from Agusta. What a dump of a venue.
  9. Well, hopefully this will help Tiger dig out of that financial hole he's in.....
  10. I will most likely watch, but the 12-hole format is utterly stupid. It's like having a boxing match go 18 rounds to attract golfers to watch. Moronic
  11. I don't think traditional TV ratings are accurate at all when it comes to measuring interest/engagement. The media landscape is much too splintered. Let's take the Masters as an example: Instead of watching it live on CBS, I could stream it on their app, watch highlights on Youtube, get live updates from Yahoo sports, read internet forums, get shot-by-shot tweets etc. etc. etc. Golf could easily be more popular than ever, and still have declining traditional TV viewership.
  12. Throw Holly Sonders in the mix and you would have a golf-porn that would break Redtube and Pornhub combined. Server meltdown. I can just see it now: "The Score by the Shore" . Played at Pebble Beach, of course.... Just so long as Jim Nantz doesn't try to step in to "help straighten out his iron".
  13. Why does a condom come to mind....
  14. Congrats!!! It is always so wonderful to achieve a goal. Kudos!!
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