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  1. Also, I don't recognize the dimple pattern in the drywall. Was it a Titleist?
  2. Blame it on the the problem of our underfunded public schools and the decline of America's dominance as a global superpower. Works for me every time. Confuse and deflect.
  3. I have never paid more than $20 for any of those Ping putters. They are out there. Avoid ebay. I shouldn't be sharing that........
  4. According to the OP, this is a money game. The point is, the amount matters. If this was a nickle-a-hole game, who cares? Fluff-yer-lie and enjoy the weather. If this is a round that determines if a guy's mortgage payment is on time, things matter a lot more. It happens more often than you think.....
  5. I Agree completely. Just stop calling me Shirley.........
  6. Thank you Sun Tzu. Gordon Gekko will learn from you.
  7. God bless it, you beat me to it! Another perspective: https://clubproguy.com/pages/the-streak
  8. When you get there, you'll want to spend some time basking in the tradition. Just wallow in it like a pig in slop. You may lose control over some bodily functions because of the power of the tradition. Let the tradition wash over you, and let it take over. You may feel a slight pinch in the rectum as you approach the souvenir shop, but this will pass. Once you have fully accepted the tradition, you may feel a subtle change in your life. The tradition does this. Food will taste better, colors will appear more vibrant, and you will begin to smell magnolia
  9. Could I ask how much money is at stake? What's the buy-in?
  10. Even with modern equipment, I think it would be much harder than you think. The course conditions would be the biggest hurdle, as I doubt the fairways were mowed very close. Not much roll, and slowww putting.
  11. I think it kind of depends on which timeline we follow. Does George McFly stand up to Biff or not? If not, then Tiger never wins a tournament and works as a croupier in Biff's casino.
  12. Denied as well. Makes me feel like the fat kid the coach sticks in deep right field.......
  13. I disagree. He might be a calming influence on these young whipper-snappers.
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