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  1. Methinks someone took a trip to China, placed a bulk order, and thus a brand was born.
  2. The hoozle has the whatsie now?
  3. I'd like to see the reputation score back. Right above the number of total posts under the avatar.
  4. Thanks for the reply! So, to extrapolate, in order to enforce the new non-heckling policy the tour should reduce the numbers of spectators, and have a commanding police/security presence. Or maybe just sell cheap pimento sandwiches. My mother was right. All the evils of the world can be fixed by a draconian police-state and affordable cheese.
  5. Having never attended the Masters, I have a question- Has anyone witnessed someone being ejected there? Is that a common occurrence? Do people behave because of that particular venues' "history and tradition" and the the difficulty of getting a ticket?
  6. I deride your truth-handling ability, sir. No truth handler you!
  7. Kudos. +1 To quote/paraphrase Anthony Bourdain: "It's like having Alec Baldwin endorse your preferred candidate. You may agree with what they say, but you just wish they would shut the f**k up."
  8. You know what this is a breakdown of? Society.
  9. You've got to love a thread that starts out talking about meeting a golfer and devolves into ranking guitar players. Makes perfect sense.
  10. Did you mean the the par 3's are funest hols, meaning "portending death or evil holidays", or that they are the most fun holes that we will design in the past?
  11. While the previously stated tournaments or challenges might be interesting to watch for a select-few golf nerds (us), the whole idea is pretty stupid. The logical extension of this would be NASCAR races where everyone drove with one flat tire, or a MLB game where everyone used Fungo bats and wore crocheted gloves. The only thing the whole exercise would prove is that having the right tools improves performance. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to filming my reality-TV series where I attempt to build a house using only a left-handed screwdriver, a pillow, and a wine glass. While nude.
  12. I think we all have experienced the benefits of changing things up. Sometimes doing something new and awkward can lead to positive results. Personally, if my putter goes cold, sometimes changing sticks for a few rounds can 'reset' me. Could be a good thing!
  13. I always thought John Daly's mullet and wispy mustache was the pre-curser to Joe Dirt.....
  14. Any idea if all these courses are owned by a single parent company?
  15. You've got to spend all that money to be non-profitable.
  16. I just saved 20% on my car insurance!
  17. While playing a hole that runs along a river, I notice a ball at the waters' edge. I figure I'll just walk through about 5 feet of light mud to grab it. Solid ground it was not. I sunk up to my thighs, and had to be pulled out. Moral of the story? Let that stray ball go......
  18. It could be context. I usually give great post-round pressers, but I admit that I wasn't as eloquent as I could have been after winning the Masters..... All the history and Tradition just got to me.
  19. Tiger could do whatever he wanted to me for that kind of money. And I would keep my mouth shut.
  20. Water, and meat in tube-form. Hotdog or prefer a brat with mustard and relish. yummmm
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