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  1. I have a Gen3 gap wedge. I really like it for full shots. It's also my go to club for shots from 40-80 yards.
  2. It's really interesting reading this thread. I had no idea drivers were $500 20 years ago. I started playing golf maybe 12 years ago and started buying anything but hand me down clubs 10 years ago. Back then I'd buy last year's model and recall spending around $250 for a driver (though my memory could be wrong). Sounds like prices went down a lot for some reason and are now back to where they were 20 years ago.
  3. With code HACKERS. I don't need anything, but thought I'd share.
  4. I don't want to get off topic, but I deal with RSUs all the time. Send me a pm if you want me to explain how they work or how they should be reported on the tax return.
  5. I'm a CPA/tax accountant. There are two issues here. Whether the sales of your items are taxable and what to do about the new reporting requirements. If you buy a driver for $600 and sell it for $450 it's clearly not taxable and the $150 loss is not deductible. Technically this would be a non-deductible capital loss. However, the IRS has automated matching programs that will generate a notice if something gets reported to the IRS and it's not included on a tax return. For example, if a bank sends you a 1099-int for $1,000 in interest that you don't report on your tax return then you'll get a letter from them asking for additional tax on that $1,000. We don't really know what the IRS is going to do with these 1099k and matching. They will probably have some threshold amount before they contact someone about the difference between the tax return and the 1099k. They may not advertise what that threshold is, but they're not going to want to send out millions of letters to people who are just selling their old stuff. No one likes getting a letter from the IRS so what I plan on doing with clients in this situation is reporting the amount from the 1099k and subtracting it out on another line. This will help make sure my clients don't get notices. You may get different answers from different accountants until we have an idea of how the IRS is going to handle these. The above is not for the flippers who are selling stuff at a profit.
  6. I know I'm not the only one, but I've been having FedEx problems. I ordered some clubs from eBay which were supposed to be here last Thursday. Of course they didn't show up, but the tracking is really weird. They show up in the local FedEx facility on Friday. Since then the package has been scanned a couple of times per day, but in the same place. No updated delivery day. Are they just moving it around the warehouse? Not a huge deal since I'm not playing golf in the winter, but I was looking forward to opening my new purchase.
  7. I've ordered several times from them with ratings from very good to value. They've all been in excellent condition in my opinion.
  8. Mustu

    PXG Irons

    I have 6-7 in XP and 8-GW in the P in gen 3. The shaft length and loft in the XP are matched to the P. I previously had the Gen 2 5-GW all in P. While I didn't really have trouble with the 5 and 6 in the P before I do feel like the new XP are easier to hit so I'm more confident. I also don't really notice a difference in how they look so I feel they blend really well.
  9. Caddytek v2 rangefinder is on sale at Costco for $100. https://www.costco.com/caddytek-golf-laser-rangefinder%2c-caddyview-v2-%2bslope.product.100419508.html
  10. Another vote for PNW Golf center. I took some lessons there a couple of years ago and liked those as well.
  11. I can't compare them to other irons, but I just bought a combo set of the 0311p and 0311xp from another member. The xp are slightly bigger with a thicker top line and more offset than the p, but it's really not that noticeable to me. I've seen much bigger GI irons.
  12. I've been using them for years. Warning though. They're very different than other golf gloves so it's hard to go back to something else if you use the Bionic gloves for a while.
  13. I was there as a single last week. Pretty busy early morning, but afternoon rounds were wide open. I ended up getting out earlier than my tee time each day and played by myself until catching up to people. It was quick enough that I was able to play 3 rounds both days I was there. Oh, and tons of headcovers.
  14. I generally hit around 220 and played the gold. And, enjoyed it. But the wind makes a big difference. I remember a 315 yard par 4 against the wind that I hit driver and hybrid to get to the green. Another hole was a 500 yard downwind par 5 that I hit the same clubs and was on the green in 2. I hit a relatively high ball and really struggle against the wind especially since I'm not used to it.
  15. I just got back from Bandon and wanted to give a quick trip report. I was excited so I woke up really early the day I was leaving and decided to drive all the way down the Oregon coast. Stopped in Seaside and played 9 holes at the Highland Golf Club (where Discount Dan's is). I played it once before several years ago and really enjoyed it. It wasn't as good a shape as I remember, but still a fun round. Drove down to Florence and played Florence Golf Links. Really fun round and good tune up for Bandon. I didn't see anyone until I got to the 18th hole so it was a nice, quick round. Got up early the next day for the first tee time at Old Macdonald. Last time I played the course was covered in fog for the first 5-6 holes so it was nice to actually be able to see where I was hitting. Weather was great and not much wind. Went over to Bandon Trails and was able to get out a bit early for my afternoon tee time. The greens seemed much slower than OM. It looked like they had some type of top dressing. Played this round by myself. Got in an early evening round at Bandon Dunes by myself. Finished in plenty of time before it got dark. Heck, I think I could have done 9 more. I love playing BD as the sun is going down. Took the next day off to rest my body. Had one of the first tee times at Sheep Ranch. It wasn't open last time I came so was excited to play. It's quite a drive out there so I'm glad I gave myself plenty of time to get there. The marshall (nicely) asked us to move a little faster after the 3rd hole. Glad he did because I did feel we were going slow and the group behind us seemed to be waiting on us. The guys I was playing with stepped on the gas after that and we ended up finishing in our allotted 4 hour time. The greens seemed a little slower than they looked and I think they were made of different grass than the other courses. A really enjoyable round with beautiful views. Pacific Dunes was next. I don't know if I was getting tired, but I hit a lot of bad shots this and the next round. Ended up joining with 3 other singles during the round. Went over to Bandon Dunes again for the 3rd round and was able to finish before dark. Great 2 days at Bandon. I knew I was going to play a lot of golf so I bought some Liquid IV from Costco. It's a powder that you mix with water with electrolytes and other stuff, but not tons of sugar. I normally am a little sore after I play 36+ holes, but wasn't this time. Maybe it had something to do with this stuff or maybe it's just placebo. I appreciate that they have lots of water stations on the courses. I tried to make sure I drank plenty. I also changed socks between rounds and that really helped. Someone asked recently about going there as a 11 handicap. Last time I played most of the rounds by myself. This time I played with 10 or so people at some point. I didn't feel like any of them were much better than my 10 handicap and some were let's say much worse than that. But, they were all fun to play with. Personally I don't care what your handicap is as long as you aren't throwing tantrums and play quickly.
  16. I was in the same boat as you. Trying to talk friends into going for years, don't play in wind and usually around a 10 handicap. Went by myself a couple of years ago and it was awesome. Just do it; you won't regret it. I'm lucky enough to live close enough to drive so I'm going to try to go every year.
  17. Yeah, I'm driving. I'm staying with my friends in a beach house they rented so I'm just going to hang out with them my off day. I may play the preserve that day if I get bored, but want to avoid getting too tired for my 2nd full day of golf. I'm also playing Florence Golf Links the day I drive down. I think you're the one who suggested it last time I went. I loved it and am looking forward to playing it again. The $35 twilight rate is going to almost feel free compared to how much I'll be paying at Bandon.
  18. I'm bringing my clicgear as I did last time. I hadn't considered the weight. Even on a cart it makes a difference. Maybe I'll take the Titleist and leave out a couple of clubs.
  19. I'm so excited about my impromptu trip as a single to Bandon in a week and a half that I read through all 59 pages of this thread again. A few questions for veterans: I know I should be prepared for rain even though there isn't any in the forecast. However, I prefer to use my SM 14 way bag versus my waterproof Titleist sta-dry. I'm a little ocd and like the clubs in their individual slots. Given the forecast I figured I'm okay, but what do you guys think? I wear shorts at home if it's upper 40s or warmer. I'm planning on wearing shorts, but don't really play in the wind so don't know if it would make a big difference in my choice. I guess lightweight pants would be fine since it's not going to be hot, but I'm just used to shorts. I have a 7 am at OM and then replay at 12:20 at BT. Taking the next day off and then 7:20 at SR and 12:50 at PD. I think I'm going to be in the early groups in the first round and expected to play in 4 hours (which is good; I like playing fast). I don't like waiting around to play again since I just end up getting stiff. Do I have good odds of getting out earlier for 2nd round? I left BD off the schedule because I expect I'll be able to get in a 3rd round on one or both days and loved playing BD in the evening as the sun was going down last time I was there. If I get out earlier on the 2nd round then a greater chance of me actually being able to finish the 3rd round.
  20. I'm not a senior yet, but I did the superspeed training last year and had chronic back issues that I went to the chiropractor for several times. I don't know for sure if the back issues were related, but I haven't been using those sticks this year and no chiropractor. I've also been using the fit for golf app this year and it's definitely helped my strength and mobility though I haven't really noticed an increase in distance on the course.
  21. I found out my non-golfing friend's family rented a house at Bandon in a couple of weeks for a vacation. I got so excited that I called and booked some rounds at Bandon for myself. It's so flexible as a single. I was able to get 2 rounds on the 16th and 2 on the 17th. I think both replays will be early enough that I may even be able to get a 3rd round in (or at least a few holes). I forgot to ask reservations, but anyone know when they stop letting people go out for the day this time of year? I decided not to horn in on their family vacation too much and was able to book a few days at the Inn at Old Town. Anyone stay there? That's the only hotel available those dates in Bandon.
  22. My friend was going to coach little league, but the games ended up being cancelled for some reason so we didn't go. I really appreciate the responses though. I'm going to refer back to them when I do go play in Portland.
  23. I've been using the fit for golf app for the past few months. He recommends a 6-10 lb medicine ball. I bought a 8 lb one and it works well for me. The medicine ball throws are my favorite part of the exercises. There's no way my wife is letting me throw the ball against a wall so I have my 17 year old son catch it.
  24. Is the K-sig the #1 ball in golf? I find more K-sigs on the course than any other ball. I think they've completely taken away market share from the cheaper balls like noodle, pinnacle, top flite, etc. I hardly ever find any of those anymore. I bought some of the ver 3.1 and felt like it didn't quite go as far as the Bridgestone BRX that I normally use so I don't play it. However, it was a good ball especially for the price. I finally bought some of the Costco golf gloves recently and they're fantastic. I noticed the 3 random people I got paired up with yesterday all had Costco gloves.
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