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  1. Thanks, I hadn't heard much about them but will definitely try them out. Most the talk I hear is about the Recoils, Aerotech, or MMT's.
  2. Thanks, those are top of my list for sure! I love my OTI's and just want something a bit heavier and have heard great things about the MMT's.
  3. I have the OTI 110 X in my irons and want to go to something similar in my wedges. Would like something in the 120-130g range for the wedges.
  4. Yup, just started lessons and relying mostly on that to get me straightened out. I know my current shaft is too light and need to get up to an X flex.
  5. I'm looking for a heavier shaft to fix the left miss.
  6. First Spieth now Rory, great to see 2 of my favorites back on top.
  7. I do the same as that video, had an instructor once tell me to wrap it around the club... felt so uncomfortable.
  8. Lydia is about to go on a run and put this thing away.
  9. Was just wondering why it was taking so long to show some action.
  10. I love having a crowd with lots of energy and crow noise after shots but the comments these idiots yell are painful. I don't understand it, it's not clever or funny. I don't understand how these people aren't embarrassed after these idiotic yells.
  11. As a 19HC I would say no. I want to make the switch to players distance but they are noticeably less forgiving than my current GI's. My friend who is a 12hc just switched from some old GI's to the T200s and is struggling a bit to get used to them. Players distance offer pretty great forgiveness but for us high handicappers the GI's still offer an advantage.
  12. Not a big Bryson fan but the guys a beast. I love the physicality and fitness he’s bringing to the game, it’s fun to watch.
  13. I hate Reed but it’s either him or Spieth. If you open it up to LPGA I would take Lydia Ko from 50-100 yards over anyone in the word right now
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