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  1. Thanks, I hadn't heard much about them but will definitely try them out. Most the talk I hear is about the Recoils, Aerotech, or MMT's.
  2. Thanks, those are top of my list for sure! I love my OTI's and just want something a bit heavier and have heard great things about the MMT's.
  3. I have the OTI 110 X in my irons and want to go to something similar in my wedges. Would like something in the 120-130g range for the wedges.
  4. Yup, just started lessons and relying mostly on that to get me straightened out. I know my current shaft is too light and need to get up to an X flex.
  5. I'm looking for a heavier shaft to fix the left miss.
  6. First Spieth now Rory, great to see 2 of my favorites back on top.
  7. I do the same as that video, had an instructor once tell me to wrap it around the club... felt so uncomfortable.
  8. Love seeing Rory back on top! LFG!
  9. Lydia is about to go on a run and put this thing away.
  10. Was just wondering why it was taking so long to show some action.
  11. I love having a crowd with lots of energy and crow noise after shots but the comments these idiots yell are painful. I don't understand it, it's not clever or funny. I don't understand how these people aren't embarrassed after these idiotic yells.
  12. As a 19HC I would say no. I want to make the switch to players distance but they are noticeably less forgiving than my current GI's. My friend who is a 12hc just switched from some old GI's to the T200s and is struggling a bit to get used to them. Players distance offer pretty great forgiveness but for us high handicappers the GI's still offer an advantage.
  13. Not a big Bryson fan but the guys a beast. I love the physicality and fitness he’s bringing to the game, it’s fun to watch.
  14. I hate Reed but it’s either him or Spieth. If you open it up to LPGA I would take Lydia Ko from 50-100 yards over anyone in the word right now
  15. Just read he took off at 3am for an 8am tee time. Insane he went that low, hope he comes back for the win tomorrow.
  16. Hoping to see Lydia make a charge here, she’s been unbelievable with her ball striking lately.
  17. Some surprising results today, at least to me as my fantasy team got slaughtered.
  18. Wasn’t expecting to wake up and see rahm and finau getting killed like this! May not be a pretty week for my fantasy team...
  19. I heard about that and he definitely gives a lot of credit to DECADE. It's the other pros I wonder about. I'm not doubting it's usefulness as it seems like an awesome concept to me. It just sounds like it's marketed as being utilized by a lot of pros to give them a big advantage over the field and I don't see that confirmed outside of Zalatoris. All that said, having Zalatoris tout it after what he has done this year is a big endorsement in itself.
  20. I'm very open to the concept and to me it sounds like it probably helps a lot. If there wasn't this strange phenomenon of touting it as being used to give a massive advantage to tour pros when no pros will actually confirm they use it I would be much more open to trying it or at least believing in it.
  21. That’s the sense I get as well, the way he tweets it sounds like the whole tour is using it but I have yet to hear anyone on tour talk about it or give him credit.
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