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  1. 1. City, State? - Whippany,NJ 2. Handicap? - 9 3. What is your current putter? - Scotty T22 Newport 2 and Scotty Phantom X5 (Depends on the day!!) 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? - Yes the DF 2.1 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? - I am always searching for my unicorn putter! As many other have stated, I really enjoyed the DF 2.1 but just couldn't get comfortable with the look. I feel this could be the perfect balance of technology and looks. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Yes Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to the 10 who are chosen.
  2. Honestly for $76 (Morris County Resident) Berkshire Valley is one of the best values out there.
  3. Thank you I just ordered one!
  4. 1) What size Claw Glove would you like to win? XL 2) What is your current golf glove? Titleist Players Flex 3) How often do you replace your current glove? Every Month 4) What would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Durability
  5. I don't have enough posts to PM you so when you get a chance message me. Thanks
  6. As long as you assure me I will putt like Sung-jae with it. I'll buy it
  7. The furniture store is having an everything must go sale. So logic would say PGATSS will be taking over the whole building!!!
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