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  1. My local Costco has Vice Pro 24 packs for $30. Kind of crazy.
  2. My local Costco also had Vice Pro 24 packs for $30. They might be phasing out the Callaways for the Vice balls.
  3. Just scooped one from the store. There were at least 25 of them there. It looked like the display had hardly been touched. The putter itself is much lighter than I expected which explains the weight kit. I thought for sure I would want it heavier, but rolling it as is, I can't argue with the results so far. On a side note, they also had 24 packs of Vice Pro balls for $30. Seems like quite a deal.
  4. For someone who walks a majority of the time, I just couldn't convince myself that I would actually wear them enough to keep. They were definitely stiffer than previous models and the toe box was much roomier. It is too bad because I wanted to like them because they look so close to the original, however in terms of practicality they just didn't do it for me.
  5. Gata

    VA Nemesys

    I was fit into one at Club Champion. It increased dispersion some, but overall it wasn't a massive improvement. For $415 after tax I quickly declined.
  6. The evnroll gravity grip fits my long fingers so well. It isn't super wide but it is rather long front to back. I am not sure if the weighted rod that runs down the length of it does what it says, but the way the grip fits my hands is better than any other I have tried.
  7. I purchased a 6.5 off of ebay that came out of someone's SIM to try in my M3. I mainly was looking to lower launch a little from the evenflow blue I had been using. It took a swing or two to get the feeling but very quickly I was able to setup slightly open and hit a nice baby fade. It was nearly impossible to go left which has been my big miss. It was only one range session, but I came away very impressed. I would say on average I swing around 110 or so and the 6.5 didn't feel overwhelming like I had feared. I felt great and the ball flight was piercing.
  8. Like others have said, the Nantucket is what you are looking for if you want a Titleist branded hat
  9. I was on the fence about whether I really liked them or not but of course couldn't help myself and ordered them anyway. After seeing them in person and trying them on, I am not keeping them. As mentioned, they run much larger than some of the other models and my pair had a comically loud squeak anytime you thought about moving. It really is a shame as the XI's are so so good.
  10. They definitely are a little looser and less plush feeling than the XI's. They also seemed to be quite squeaky when briefly wearing them around the living room. That might go away as they get broken in, but if it doesn't it would make them borderline unwearable.
  11. Obviously it is brand new so there is not much out there yet, but is anyone having success with the C trainer? I have seen a few posts on instagram with long drive guys reaching huge speeds with it but not much else. I am interested in ditching my regular sticks and just using the C stick because I know my hand speed is something that definitely could be improved. I have been only using the blue stick now for the past few months so the other two are just sitting around so it doesn't make too much sense to keep them.
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