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  1. Nice, one less person trying to get stuff.
  2. Played with someone who was using the yellow/blue ball and I couldn’t see it at all when in the air. Lol.
  3. Answering the OP’s question: 2012 (Black mist) 2014 (silver) 2010 2020 2018 2016
  4. Let people spend money on what they want. Playing golf is fun but so is looking up and researching and buying golf equipment.
  5. But you were impressed with them yesterday…
  6. I have one in my 009 and in my buttonback. I love the feel and the weight I guess. Been putting better.
  7. Would like to see some new/old blade models return like the Coronado or Hollywood. We don’t need 6 versions of the Newport.
  8. He would tell tons of putters just by having the exact same models as the current line but in a black finish
  9. Boring shapes for the BB but milled bumpers are cool.
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