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  1. Ha...that’s what you call a long term review! We should start a series like “Up Series” to check in with golfers every 7 years. I think the “49 Up” edition could focus on pain and graphite shaft deliberations. I found a set of AP2s on the bay in great shape for cheap with SteelFiber i95 stiff to try out. I won’t be able to hit them for a while but the feel is decent with little pitch shots in the house. They could work. I have hit the SF 110cf before and hated them. I really like my Modus 120S shafts, so I don’t want to switch...which is why I am thinking about trying inse
  2. I have Titleist 816 H2 19, 816 H2 21, and 818 H1 23. I did a fairly exhaustive test on TrackMan and concluded I hit the 816 H2 21 at 22* better than the 23 at 22*...so I play the 21. I thought the shorter shaft of the 23 would give me more consistency, but it didn’t. I think this is all personal though and you would have to try them yourself. As an aside, Titleist hybrids go in one degree increments. Up to 2* up and 1* down.
  3. LOL. I read it as December 20, 2020 instead of 2010. I guess we are still struggling with the same issues. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Last year, I went the other way as you are considering. Three years ago, I was fit for G400 irons (wide sole), 2 degrees upright, power speced. My swing was classic over the top and steep so that setup worked. I was trying to avoid fat shots and keep the ball height and spin down (because face to path was open). I worked hard on my swing with lessons and practice, and that turned my G400s into hook machines. I had the lie bent back to neutral and that helped. I now was more worried about thin shots. Last year, I switched to i210s, and they were perfect for my new
  5. I'm in the same situation. Does anyone know the efficacy of pro softs versus the Cushin inserts that Ping uses? I'm torn between trying to find a solution with my current shafts and biting the bullet on graphite.
  6. In my opinion, unless you are all over the face, "Game Improvement" irons are the ones that have a sole that work for your swing.
  7. I play Glides. I can't stand Vokeys because they are tanks. For example, the swing weight of a 56 Vokeys is D5 versus D3 for Glide 3.0. I'm sure many people feel the opposite. Mostly, I think it's a brand thing. 15 years ago, everyone I knew played Cleveland. Now Vokeys are the rage with some brand loyalty also, especially for Callaway fans.
  8. I have 10 PING Glides (or is it 11?), so....I'd say you are perfectly rational!
  9. On the telecast Thursday they looked like they were graphite. I'm interested because I play Modus 120, like he did in 2018...and I also get along with LZ, like he played in 2019. I am considering moving to graphite, so I thought whatever he went to could be a fit for me.
  10. Anyone know what shafts KJ is rocking in his ZX7 irons?
  11. Not exactly an iron set, but I only play OG Ping Glide wedges with stock Ping CFS Wedge shaft. I have 52SS, 54SS, 56SS, 58 SS, 58 WS, 58 TS, and 60 ES. I have stockpiled 4 of the 58 WS because it is my security blanket. I adjust which ones I use a little bit throughout the year. Because they are all in the same family I can do so easily without missing a beat. If anyone has a 50 or 46, or 58 WS they will part with, let me know
  12. I’d say the first stand bag and dual shoulder straps were pretty big...not sure who was first.
  13. Hah...I think Fuji has their catch phrase!
  14. I also play Modus 120 iron shafts. I like having some feel in the handle but a stiff tip. The Ventus Blue profile has me intrigued. It’s good seeing someone else out there with the same combo.
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