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  1. Sorry for the delay with the numbers... but here they are [b][u]FG Tour M3 Irons Specs[/u][/b] IRON LOFT LIE LENGTH BOUNCE OFFSET 3 iron 21.0 59.5 39.25 1.5 0.190 4 iron 24.0 60.0 38.75 2.0 0.170 5 iron 27.0 61.0 38.25 2.5 0.160 6 iron 31.0 61.5 37.75 3.5 0.140 7 iron 35.0 62.0 37.25 4.0 0.120 8 iron 39.0 63.0 36.75 4.5 0.100 9 iron 43.0 63.5 36.25 5.5 0.075 PW 47.0 64.0 35.75 6.0 0.040
  2. [size=4][quote name='spartanglfr' timestamp='1385820063' post='8227970'][/size] Don't care what the OP's intent or motives were. I enjoyed looking at the photos, reading the narrative, etc. I don't care if his last name is Wilson!!!! [/quote] Ha, well no secret motive here. When I come across something I like or find interesting, from any company, I'm probably gonna write about it. [size=4]But since you bring up my name? P.G.A Pappas. [/size] [size=4] Nice to meet you.[/size] [size=4]Peter Gregory Anthony... that is.[/size]
  3. Prices are very competitive. MAP (minimum advertised price) is: FG Tour M3 $799 steel [size=4]C100 $599 steel [/size] [size=4]D100 ES $599 steel [/size] [size=4]To the shaft length question, thought I put that in the preview, thanks for pointing that out. Will try to edit that in before Thanksgiving. [/size] [size=4]Availability will be mid-January. [/size] [size=4]**Also saw the 360 degree videos didn't show up; will try to edit those in too. Have one for each iron, and all four together, rotating slowly, 360* so you can see the irons each and comparatively from every viewpoint.[
  4. Have been trying out the FG Tour M3, C100, and D100 ES irons for about a month. Here are tons of pics, comparison videos, and initial impressions. Wilson Staff 2014 FG Tour M3, C100, D100 ES Irons In-Hand Preview Your Time Has Come By Pete Pappas Spoiler Alert! If there’s one thing I learned after hitting the new line of Wilson Staff 2014 irons recently, it’s that a clear winner is obvious. Take it to the bank. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. It’s you. Wilson has determined there are three basic categories of players. Feel players, control players, and distance players.
  5. As some of you know I love giving things away. Someone very close to me told me earlier this year "bring unexpected joy to others whenever you can." So I'm really excited to bring you this latest contest: [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/929698-contest-ijp-design-black-watch-tartan-trousers-greekgrind-giveaway/#entry8118448"]http://www.golfwrx.c...y/#entry8118448[/url] An IJP Design Black Watch Tartan Trousers Giveaway! Good luck to all!
  6. [quote name='bdcgolfacer23' timestamp='1383765372' post='8110938'] Just to follow-up on this thread... my tartan tech trousers showed up and they are absolutely awesome! Great part about them is the material. Talk about a pair of pants to wear in any weather, these are the ones! Lightweight for those scorching hot days yet not so paper thin that you wouldn't wear them in the fall. The new color scheme and pattern is very cool... neutral yet edgy with just the right amount of bright color. Just like all the other trousers he puts out, these come tailored and hemmed to perfection. IJP b
  7. CONTEST: IJP Design Black Watch Tartan Trousers GREEKGRIND GIVEAWAY IJP Design. Black Watch tartan trousers. Delivered by Ian Poulter himself to your front door. How’s that sound? OK Poults won’t be the delivery man. But I've teamed up with IJP Design to give you your very own pair of brand new limited edition Black Watch tartan trousers from the new IJP 2013 A/W Collection. And believe me, they’re absolutely stunning. How do you enter the giveaway? It’s easy. And open to residents of all countries! Head over to IJP Design and sign up for the IJP Design Clubhouse http://www.ij
  8. [quote name='Lefty19' timestamp='1381590282' post='7991639'] Pete, GOOD to see you back on the writing scene! Hope all is well!!! Couple of questions for you as you never seem to mind: How do you compare them to the Razr X Tour Irons? I never bought them but STILL play my FT's but have to change due to the groove rules this year. There are a couple of references in your write up compared to the original FG Tours... I am interested in the original FG's for the fact I've heard they are slightly longer heel to toe with the sweet spot slightly further away from the heel- do you find thi
  9. [quote name='3fiddyz' timestamp='1381528313' post='7988893'] Great review.... A mate turned up with a set of these not long ago, hit the 6 and it felt really good... Seen a few sets on eBay come up at really good prices but not bought yet... But may have too soon! [/quote] Not tons of sets on eBay 3fiddyz I think because most people who hit them, keep them. If you see a great price for them, pull the trigger! [size=4][quote name='Agent Jim' timestamp='1381530832' post='7989107'][/size] Great review, thanks. [/quote] Thank you sir!
  10. [quote name='Jump' timestamp='1381454403' post='7984427'] Best forged iron on the market for the money. A buddy of mine bought some in the spring. If I replaced my s56 today it would be with these sticks. Forgiving like the s56 but with a smoother feel. [/quote] Jump smooth and crazy great feel in terms of weight and balance too. It amazed me sometimes how different irons with the same head weight and swing weight can feel so different. V2s are phenomenal. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1381456017' post='7984617'] Have you hit the wedges?...'cuz you need to hit the wedges, too.
  11. [quote name='mac94' timestamp='1381374822' post='7979277'] White watch with a matching shirt. And three sweaters and a vest. Probably more to come. I like them better than my JL stuff. [/quote] Niiiiice mac94! White Watch goes with tons of shirts and sweaters. Wish I had gotten the White Watch cardigan but didn't while they still had my size. More sweaters for me this holiday season though, especially with the new line coming out this week. [quote name='Guia' timestamp='1381377604' post='7979427'] Nice clothes. What kind of prices? [/quote] All the prices are over at www.ijpdesig
  12. What kind do you have mac94? You're going to go nuts when you see the Fall/Winter Collection - it's HUGE! Check out the IJP Fall/Winter preview catalog: http://www.ijpdesign...ales-folder.pdf
  13. Thanks Chace. Same thing here - I hit them at Dick's Sporting Goods and knew I had to have them. The R&D team that designs and builds these babies know what they're doing. And a little birdie told me Wilson's going to be more visible in a big way in 2014.
  14. IJP Design Tartan Trousers Review Black Watch, White Watch, and Fuchsia By Pete Pappas (TheGreekGrind) On twitter @TheGreekGrind No one does tartan like the Spartan of Tartan, Ian Poulter. And if there’s one label you need to know when it comes to tartan trousers, it’s Poulter’s fashion-forward company IJP Design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGfUAa1hTg8 IJP tartan trousers are precisely tailored and wonderfully comfortable. Dressy when they need to be, casual when they don’t, and always the right choice for the golf course. I was so impressed with my first pair, the White Watch,
  15. Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Golf Irons Review Happy Days Are Here Again (Note: This is not a WRX tester review, I was not chosen to review these irons. It’s my own review. I've hit tons of different clubs this year and these have been flat out amazing) By Pete Pappas @TheGreekGrind When you think of Wilson Golf, odds are you think of the entertaining “Seriously” commercials that began running last year, or that the Wilson brand has won more major championship victories than any other golf club manufacturer (61). What you might not realize however, is that Wilson has produced an absolut
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