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  1. Gold! Thank you! @golfdu
  2. @beesont93 sorry, I didn’t specify. David Leadbetter’s A swing. Tiger circa 2013 had that take away I think, or 2011. You’ll see. It will help a lot! You’ll see. Only take from it what you want. You don’t have to do the entire A swing. Tiger’s swing from those years will show you all you need I think. Send some progress updates!
  3. @Chunked Blade The shot tracer looks great! I use Premiere and know that probably took a lot of work to get that done so well. Post some more!
  4. @Konsta Looks good! Good transition. Make sure you don't grip the club too tight. I have a problem with that. Helped me a lot at the transition to not grip it tight at all. Looks good though! You are lucky to have a net!! I'm going crazy locking in my tiny studio! Face on view is good to see too, if you have some.
  5. @beesont93 Looks good. Look at the A swing takeaway. I'm not a coach, but I think you could take somethings from it. Helps start the club outside the hands, helps a lot.
  6. Ah cool I didn't think anyone would answer! Keep sending them! I like watching the pro's but I would watch anyone hit balls!
  7. I'd love to watch your swings, DTL with ball flight. Stay safe! Respect your fellow human beings.
  8. MT RMT2 Macgregor Brainstorm happy putter Intimidator 400 top flite 7 wood almost finished my dream set. Few clubs to go.
  9. Great guy! He sent me a video of wrist flexion, while he was in bed just waking up, just from a swing of mine on instagram. I didn't even ask him for it. I love this guy, and don't even know him. Breath of fresh air in the golf world, in my opinion.
  10. Hey! I wrote you on Instagram a few days ago. I had a bad fall and winter. A death in the family and I wasn’t able to be there, ended my 5 year relationship. I took a break from golf because of my foot and my back, but this last month or so I am back to the build. I am not back to how good I was at the end in September, but I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know about the swing, so I will be better in the end once I can get back to golf. I’m a little stuck here in Europe now and the corona virus is all around me, so I am trying to do most of my work at home. I’ll step the level up a lot wheneve
  11. You have the potential to have an amazing swing and turn!!! If I were you I would only focus on doing the freezer drill, where you stop at the top for 5 seconds and then unwind the hips and let everything else come. If you did that exclusively for a week, it would transform your whole golf game and world. I can help you if you want, let me know.
  12. @laneholt That's crazy, I love Bruce Devlin! When I was starting all this, I was looking for references to what I want my swing to look like at impact and Bruce was ultra high on my list. I'll send you a face on soon. I have the worst legs ever and I'll not advance unless I finally focus on that. I'm going to have to take a month or two and really get back to the fundamentals. This last summer I was working hard on the fundamentals, and I have gotten away from then as I have progressed. Cool! Thanks!
  13. @cardoustie you are right about the angles. The more open I get my shoulders the more that happens naturally, but it is still awkward for me. I'm 6'3. Yes, France has some cool golf courses. Super small and undulating greens, at least the few courses I have played.
  14. @cardoustie I am not really sure about the 7 iron carry distance. I'll go play a compact course Monday and let you know for sure, but around 175 yards. I don't really know if I hit it high or not, I don't have any references to compare. I agree completely with the release of my club, it's not something that comes naturally to me I think; it might be because I had a reconstructed shoulder that I never got it back to 100% and over the years I have very little mobility in both shoulders. I have been working hard on that this last year and I can raise both hands above my head finally, for the l
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