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  1. Agree 100% i have a Ping Series 4 bag, it has good looks, pocket room and a good stand but i always have a heck of a time pulling my clubs out and putting them back in the bag
  2. Put it back in bag kinda hard huh? I always put my headcover on before bagging LOL
  3. That is a really stupid reply! You wouldn't use the putter even if you were guaranteed 1 putt on every hole ... ok I G N O R A N T saying that And, let me guess .... you didn't accept your $1200 stimulus money either
  4. When you adjust a hosel to increase loft, you are actually closing the face fractionally. Conversely when you reduce loft you are open the face slightly Hope this helps ?
  5. I wished i lived closer for that bag !!! Dang it ... very nice bag and for FREE !!! someone will be very happy ?
  6. Love my new grip way better than the old Odyssey stock pistol grip .. i got the weight nearly identical (105g stock) and my new SS Traxion is 108g (including 25g counter weight)
  7. ? got my grip replaced ... just wanted to share this here After removing the stock Odyssey grip a seen the 30g brass counterweight in the butt end of shaft. The weight has a small hole in the center so i decided i was going to start a small screw in the center of the weight to give me something to hold onto with needle nose pliers and then heat it slowly with a heat gun till it slid out To my surprise when i started to screw in the small screw into center of the weight the weight started turning and i was able to pull it right out with no heat at all. My Odyssey grip was 75g and the weight in shaft was 30g ... i replaced with a Super Stroke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 counter core grip (83g) and added the 25g counter core weight that slides down into top of grip to bring total weight of grip/counter weight to 108g ... stock weight was 105g
  8. Great job and good instructions thanks for sharing !
  9. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 .. love these grips and a big plus is they are reasonably priced at around $6/each
  10. I think a lot of us do that, my wife just made the comment the other day "you realize you have 57 golf shirts in your closet?" LOL
  11. THE 80'S 1982 my first time at The Memorial Tournament, went on a practice day and got to meet so many golfers and get autographs, i was only 13yrs old so it was quite a rush 1984 was there in Dublin,Ohio to watch Jack win The Memorial Tournament, was there Sat & Sun and followed him both days 1985 got to meet Jack in person and talk a few minutes, he signed a book for me and a picture
  12. Look at the bright side ... YOU CAN STILL PLAY !!!! I say this because my uncle who is now in his 80's had to give up golf completely about 5 years ago and it was devastating to him. He had played the game of golf for nearly 60-years and played almost every single day for many of those years .. he absolutely loved the game, he lived for golf and he made adjustments as he got older (senior shafts, playing senior tee's, lower compression ball etc) he enjoyed the game as he got older no matter if he shot an 85 or a 105 .. he was always positive He lost his eyesight is why he had to give the game up just enjoy golf, it's a wonderful sport that many of us can enjoy nearly our entire life like my uncle did. Yes we won't be able to hit those 275yd drives when we are 70yrs old or shape shots like we did when we were younger or be putting for eagles on par 5's BUT WE CAN STILL PLAY !
  13. I like my Ping Hoofer Vantage Ohio State bag, have had it several years and it has served me well
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