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  1. Had these listed a while back and they were sold but had buyers flake. Will ship out ASAP! Cheers. TBC Mackenzie Valuables Pouch 2020 US Open Yankees: $135 shipped TBC Blade Putter Cover 2020 US Open Yankees Pinstripes: $100 shipped
  2. Have a couple items I'm looking to unload..... First up: Taylormade M5 Driver 9.0 w/ Kuro Kage 60 TS Proto Shaft (plays ~ .5" short") 44.5" Purchased head brand new (demo head). A couple marks on the top I cant figure out where they came from, they're not dummy marks and barely noticeable at address. (see photos) Shaft was purchased used on eBay and haven't done anything to it, but it plays like right at 44.5" in the M5. Grip feels pretty new. $200 Shipped Lower 48 Second up: Taylormade P7
  3. CLOSED The Buck Club US Open NY Yankees Mackenzie Valuables Pouch -- $OLD The Buck Club PGA Championship San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge Valuables Pouch -- $OLD The Buck Club US Open NY Yankees Pinstripe Blade Headcover-- $OLD
  4. Shoot I completely missed it. I want the Vic Tour’s, will there be more on the 17th? I signed up for notifications and didn’t get anything... frustrating
  5. To get the weight right though, I can’t actually cut more off the extension... I think I need just 1 inch less to make it 35.5.
  6. So wow I did a ton or surgery... My Toulon Austin was 34.5” I believe. I wanted to add an inch extension— however with the weight being like 2.5 inches I had to figure something out. ended up buying a screw from Home Depot, lead taping it and lead taping the graphite extension and got it awfully close to the 40g weight that was in there stock. attached are some pictures... only problem is somehow my measurements got a bit off and it’s playing longer than I expected. I think the head of the screw I forgot to account for, and then some small gaps with the extension and everything, I have it
  7. Anyone know the best route to go about cleaning? Couple courses I have played have been sort of "dusty" and it has certainly dirtied up the bag a bit. I think unfortunately, I kind of stretched out my pockets a bit on it, probably should've been more careful there. Thanks!
  8. So, I just got new wedges a few weeks ago— went with the Taylormade Milled Grind in a 50 and 54, then a Hi-Toe in a 58. Have KBS Tour Custom Series Black Wedge Shafts in a Stiff flex, all of them are about +.5 in length (I’m 6’2). Before these, I was gaming Callaway MD4’s in 50, 54, and 58 all playing +.5 in length and also bent upright about 2 degrees with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200 shafts, My irons are Taylormade P-770’s that play +.5, and 2 degrees upright. Haven’t had time to go anywhere and get the wedges bent yet, but I do like the look of them without being bent at address. Is it the
  9. Have 3 Adidas Golf Shirts VERY LIGHTLY WORN All of them are Size SMALL Looking for $55 shipped to Lower 48
  10. Those irons are sick, wish it was the tour model, I'd be all over them! GLWS
  11. Clearing out some things.... Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 35" $Sold Shipped to Lower 48 Bought it from 2ndswing, just want to get my money back as I really like the Toulon I'm rolling at the moment Sorry No HC Titleist 816H2 21 Hybrid w/ X Flex Diamana D+PLUS 90 Shaf, will throw in this spare HC Bought used, in great shape, weird little mark on bottom (see pic) doesn't affect play. Fresh MCC Align put on maybe 2 weeks ago. $Sold Couple Shafts: Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60g S Shaft with LH PING G400 Adapter- Plays around 45.5" $Sold Taylormade Mitsubishi Rayon 57g S Shaft wit
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