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  1. Looking for any of the above listed iron shafts. Looking for brand new uncut 4-PW tour issue x100 project x 6.5 kbs c taper 130x kbs 130x modus 120tx modus 130x also BCT grips x7
  2. 1. New tour issue odyssey stroke lab double wide putter. Has tour only rare top milled alignment aid with tour micro hinge insert (firmer). โ€œTCโ€ serial number guaranteeing 100% tour issue authenticity. 37.75โ€ 4ยฐ of loft. Has a new superstroke wrist lock putter grip. Headcover included. $325 OBO 2. Excellent condition Taylormade tour issue spider x putter. โ€œTOURโ€ sole place. Single bend putter shaft and naked all copper top. 34โ€ Headcover included. Tour only Taylormade lamkin grip. $350 OBO 3. New tour issue Tensei AV RAW BLUE 75TX. 42โ€ tipped 2โ€ and has a tour issue Taylormade 1ยฐ ada
  3. 1. Brand new tour issue toulon garage Atlanta with stroke lab shaft. Tour ID label on shaft. Slant neck 35โ€. Has top milled alignment like. Absolute beauty and unicorn flatstick. $OLD 2. Excellent condition tour issue spider x chalk. 35โ€ single bend. Daniel Bergerโ€™s putter same putter grip. โ€œTourโ€ sole plate. Very hard to find in chalk color. $OLD 3. Excellent condition odyssey tour issue R Line murdered out putter. Crimp on shaft. Tour ID label on shaft. 35โ€. $OLD 4. New tour issue KBS 105X driving iron/hybrid shaft. $OLD LOOKING TO MOVE ITEMS RATHER QUICKLY. OPEN T
  4. 4-PW KBS C TAPER 130X 3 KBS BLACK NICKEL 120S (DJโ€™s wedge shafts) both looking for brand new uncut and at the best price. No pulls.
  5. Looking for a new spider tour black. No lines. DJโ€™s model
  6. Looking for someone who has or able to order any of the 3 golf ball models in โ€œpracticeโ€ stamped balls. Looking for new and multiple dozens.
  7. Looking for a set of brand new players irons (heads preferred 3/4-PW). Ideally looking for something tour issued blades , minimal offset MC/CB models. Callaway apex raw MB/PRO top or srixon ZX7. Open to what have. Thanks
  8. 1. Like new tour issue odyssey stroke lab 1W. 37.75โ€ with a stroke lab wrist lock grip. Headcover included. โ€œTCโ€ serial number. $499 OBO 2. New tensei av raw white 65TX. Tour issue Taylormade 1.5ยฐ adaptor. Shaft measures 44โ€ and plays tipped 1โ€ (tipped 1.5โ€ total). $225 OBO 3. New tensei av raw blue 75TX. Tour issue Taylormade 1.0ยฐ adaptor. Shaft measures 42โ€ and plays tipped 1.5โ€ (tipped 2โ€ total). $225 OBO 4. New Tensei ck pro blue 80TX. Tour issue Taylormade 1.0ยฐ adaptor. Shaft measures 41.5โ€ and plays tipped 1.5โ€ (tipped 2โ€ total). $200 OBO
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