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  1. Looking for a set of MMT 105 Stiff shafts. 4-PW. Standard length
  2. Up for sale is a set of Srixon ZX5/ZX7 irons. 4-6 ZX5 7-PW ZX7 Clubs are in great shape with minimal chatter. The 8 iron does have a small ding on the heel side of the sole (see pics) but does not effect play, it’s purely cosmetic. Shafted with Dynamic Gold AMT Tour White S300. Standard L/L/L. $750 shipped CONUS $600 heads only
  3. Looking for an Odyssey O-Works black 7s 34 or 35”
  4. Hey guys. Just one club today. PING G410 5 Wood 17.5* with AD IZ 7x. Shaft was cut at 42.5” without grip. Plays right at 42.75”. Really great combo with the shaft but I’m always back and forth between a 3 iron and occasionally a hybrid so this one never seems to make it in the bag. $260 shipped CONUS If split.. Head- $140 Shaft- $150
  5. Looking for an AD DI 85x hybrid shaft. Must play at least 40” installed
  6. Gotcha. I figured that would be the case. My swing speed/transition sits almost perfectly between S and X so it’s been an ongoing battle. Ive leaned mainly toward the X or heavy stiffs favoring the X over the stiff feeling loose. Got into the MMTs recently and really like them full swings but find it a little hard to knock down or take any off and still work the shaft. That’s where I hoped the SS would help
  7. Hey guys, looking for some feedback on anyone that has soft stepped the MMT 105s. Currently playing the TX straight in but they are a little stout for my swing. I have soft stepped for people in the past but I’ve actually never gamed a set. The main thing I’m looking for is just a touch more feel of the shaft loading. My question is will it make enough of a difference to justify breaking down and reassembling. Any info/experience appreciated (doesn’t have to be MMT specific)
  8. Hey guys, tried this but can’t beat out the trusty DI. Played 42.5” in G410 5–wood. Standard 5 wood tipping (1”). No extensions. In perfect shape other than a minor scratch near the adapter looks like from removing an old ferrule (came like this when I bought it) I have checked multiple times it is nothing more than the black paint but wanted to give full disclosure. $160 shipped CONUS NOTE: Currently has lefty g410 adapter. I plan on pulling this unless another lefty happens to buy. I can send raw or shoot me a message I have most other brand adapters I can stick on if needed.
  9. Hey guys, For sale is a Titleist TS3 16.5* Fairway in great shape. Head only $130 shipped
  10. For anyone following- I had to use calipers and find where the shaft got down to .370 and cut there. Roughly 6” of shaft remaining on mine. I checked with them and BST let me know this would not be an issue. Got the shaft installed and really liking it so far and absolutely loving the Directed Force. Thanks for the assistance!
  11. Ordered the .370 model of the BGT. Trying to install but at the 8.25” cut off length BGT recommends the .370 model will not fit. Will I need a .390 model?
  12. Thank you! Would this cause any issue with the weighing for lie angle?
  13. PING G425 Max 14.5* Fairway with Ping Alta CB Black 65 stiff shaft. All stock in great shape. Headcover (not pictured) included. $225 shipped CONUS
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