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  1. Looking for size 11.5 shoes for my brother under $100. If they are under $80 that would be a plus.
  2. Fire sale dropped the price of the KBS wood shaft again. Need this thing gone.
  3. Only selling one shaft today. Sorry for the Accra in the pics. I don't have the shaft for sale anymore so just the KBS is for sale. 1.) KBS TD 60 Cat 4 wood shaft. Weighs 62g and is an X flex. Played 45.5" in my G425 driver. $200 $165 shipped OBO.
  4. Selling as I found the combo that is working for me. All prices are OBO so make an offer if interested. Even if you are way off from asking price I need to get these out of my house and into your hands. 1.) Diamana Kai'li 70 X with TM TP Tip. Pretty sure this is tipped 1". Plays right around 45" in the M2. Brand new MCC grip. $100 $80 shipped OBO. 2.) PX HZRDUS Smoke Green PVD "Hulk" 60g 6.5TX with TM tip. Brand new Tour Velvet. Plays about 45.5" in M2. $OLD 3.) PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 70g 6.0 fairway shaft with Titleist Tip. GP TV 360 grip. Plays about 42.25" in my 917
  5. I gotta say the Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 iron I also carry a Srixon ZX Utility and love it.
  6. Good call. I have the 7X in the fairway. Just a little mix up
  7. Selling this brand new Cobra Radspeed 9º with fujikura Motore F1 6X with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. I am rolling with the Ping 425 this year so this isn't gonna stay around. $400 shipped. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi.
  8. Looking to sell all this stuff as I am not using or it just didn't work out for me. The only trade I would be looking for would be a Tour AD DI 7S/X shaft preferable with a Titleist tip but not picky about that. Please add $5 for anything shipped west of the Mississippi. All prices are OBO so make me some offers. 1.) Cobra Radspeed 3 wood with Fujikura F1 7X shaft. Plays Standard length and has a Tour velvet. I have only used this club for 2 rounds and have a case of the big right miss so going back to my 917 4 wood. $OLD. 2.) Puma Ignite golf shoes size 9.5. I have wo
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