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  1. Really wanted to love this thing, but I am a blade guy. So sticking with my custom blade putter and wanting to pass this beautiful thing on to someone else. Specs are 365g, 33.5", 68º lie angle. This thing is raw so it will patina very nicely. Looking to get some money back on this thing so lets say $OLD
  2. One thing for sale today. After moving gotta clean out the closet a little. HZRDUS Smoke Green Hulk 60g 6.5TX shaft with TM adapter. Is 43.5" uninstalled. $OLD shipped.
  3. Fire sale dropped the price of the KBS wood shaft again. Need this thing gone.
  4. Only selling one shaft today. Sorry for the Accra in the pics. I don't have the shaft for sale anymore so just the KBS is for sale. 1.) KBS TD 60 Cat 4 wood shaft. Weighs 62g and is an X flex. Played 45.5" in my G425 driver. $200 $165 shipped OBO.
  5. Selling as I found the combo that is working for me. All prices are OBO so make an offer if interested. Even if you are way off from asking price I need to get these out of my house and into your hands. 1.) Diamana Kai'li 70 X with TM TP Tip. Pretty sure this is tipped 1". Plays right around 45" in the M2. Brand new MCC grip. $100 $80 shipped OBO. 2.) PX HZRDUS Smoke Green PVD "Hulk" 60g 6.5TX with TM tip. Brand new Tour Velvet. Plays about 45.5" in M2. $OLD 3.) PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 70g 6.0 fairway shaft with Titleist Tip. GP TV 360 grip. Plays about 42.25" in my 917. $OLD 4.) Taylormade M2 9.5 driver head with headcover. $OLD shipped.
  6. I gotta say the Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 iron I also carry a Srixon ZX Utility and love it.
  7. Good call. I have the 7X in the fairway. Just a little mix up
  8. Selling this brand new Cobra Radspeed 9º with fujikura Motore F1 6X with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. I am rolling with the Ping 425 this year so this isn't gonna stay around. $400 shipped. Please add $5 west of the Mississippi.
  9. Looking to sell all this stuff as I am not using or it just didn't work out for me. The only trade I would be looking for would be a Tour AD DI 7S/X shaft preferable with a Titleist tip but not picky about that. Please add $5 for anything shipped west of the Mississippi. All prices are OBO so make me some offers. 1.) Cobra Radspeed 3 wood with Fujikura F1 7X shaft. Plays Standard length and has a Tour velvet. I have only used this club for 2 rounds and have a case of the big right miss so going back to my 917 4 wood. $OLD. 2.) Puma Ignite golf shoes size 9.5. I have worn these for about 3 months to work. I work at a golf store so they aren't really wearing down that much. $50 shipped 3.) Rogue 110 MSI 70 S driver shaft with TM tip. $OLD shipped 4.) Superspeed Sticks. I have only used these once so they are in fantastic shape. $OLD shipped.
  10. So I decided I only need one set of irons this year and I am not going to join in on the Year of the Blade. I am going to stick solely with my ZX7s. So I hope someone else can enjoy these as they are very nice and I know you love the JDM stuff. Open to offers and trades so just shoot me a PM and we can negotiate something. 1.) 4-P KBS tour 130X iron pulls with Tour velvets. Can pull the ferrules off and include some if you want. $OLD shipped 2.) 3-P Vega RAF-CM blades. These are forged by Kyoei. If you know then you know how good these are. $OLD shipped. 3.) Last up is a Kraken camo ball marker. $75 shipped.
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