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  1. I've found this works pretty well ...
  2. Funny, isn't it? The difference between hitting the sweet spot and a cold, hard shank is around an inch, give or take. Yet how much does the clubhead move around from takeaway to transition to impact? It's a damn miracle we hit the ball at all
  3. Man, the bummer about Prince is it's reported he didn't know he was popping counterfeit Vicodin cut with Fentanyl. There're numerous reasons I'm glad my - shall we say - "recreational" days are far behind me - but that's a big one. Super dangerous stuff out there these days.
  4. Unsolicited advice is never a good idea. I've played a lot of golf getting grouped with strangers and aside from friendly banter, the most I'll ever offer regarding the actual round is a "Great shot!" or "Awesome putt!" If they're playing poorly, I say nothing. If I am, I appreciate the same courtesy. With my old regular group where we were all pretty good friends, sometimes one of us might ask to get called out if we were doing something amiss (I used to ask for bunker play help all the time from my buddy who's got a tremendous short game) but it was never unsolicited.
  5. Yeah, it is. I feel like there's this insane expectation in the modern game, like when some kid with serious talent - like Rory - comes out, he's expected to put up relentless Tiger-like performance. Spieth kinda got hit with that too. Oddly, doesn't seem like JT has been subject to that expectation despite being - I think - the youngest with the most wins currently. I guess because he didn't come out the gate winning multiple majors like Spieth? There's only what, like 40 guys in history that have 20 or more wins on tour? Being only 32, I can totally see Rors getting to 40+.
  6. Man, I always forget Phil didn't win a major till he was like 35.
  7. I'm a big proponent of "swing your swing." This isn't to say there aren't things to fix but there's a point where you're fighting your body's motion. I've been really enjoying Rocco Mediate's IG content lately. There're some good fundamentals that he talks about but ... no teacher would teach anyone to swing like Rocco. Or like the thread about Freddie Couples' swing ... no one is going to teach anyone to swing like that. But they own it and its uniquely theirs. I think there're fundamentals that are key - grip, setup, takeaway - but as my dad's old friend Mr. Fred Darroch once told me "It's all about how you arrive at the ball."
  8. To be fair, there's only been one other guy in the history of the professional game that had that same drive - and that was Jack. And it could certainly be argued that even he didn't entirely.
  9. This gives me faith. Been playing since I was 8, I'll be 44 in about a week. Never made an ace. (Had an albatross though!) Congrats!
  10. Folks always think my black and red steez is because of TW. Nah dude, I was raised on NCSU. When I was applying to colleges, dad was like "Well, you can go to MIT if you want to (I REALLY wanted to) but I'm only gonna pay for it if you go to State."
  11. Man, one of the biggest bummers is when I managed to lose the Mr. Wuf headcover my mom got me when I made the team there as a walk on back in '96. Had that thing for 20 years. Lost it at Rustic Canyon.
  12. Hahahahaha us NCSU kids are overachievers
  13. FFS, I dig the Champions tour because it's the guys I grew up watching but come on now ... Rors, Dick and Colin tied for the lead? This is s*** I wanna see, dammit.
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