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  1. And this is exactly why my 0211 experiment didn't last long. I kinda knew what to expect going in but didn't expect it to vary SO wildly. I recall a round with them, I had two holes back-to-back where I had around 155 to the pin. First one, nicely struck 8 iron, carried just past the pin and stopped - nice shot! Second one? Same nicely struck 8 iron somehow managed to carry about a club and a half longer and airmailed the green despite contact and all conditions otherwise being pretty much the same. When I finally just went in for a brand-agnostic fitting and did my "baseline" 6 i
  2. Ah, then it'd depend on the overall POS system(s) and/or what your precise needs are. Sounds like just some manner of digital ledger?
  3. Last time I played Pebble Beach, my caddie had one of the greens books that looked pretty much exactly like what Poults was showing on his IG stories last week. It definitely helped as I can remember quite a few times he'd give me a read and I'd be like "Wait what? Seriously?" and he'd show me the book. Still have to put a good stroke on it with the right pace but yeah, definitely plenty of tap ins that day that coulda been 10 footers coming back were it not for that book.
  4. Square or Stripe POS and MDM for device protection/security? There're a ton of pretty easy to implement mobile payment systems. (I'm a senior level mobile software engineer and startup CTO in the real world soooo ... can probably help a bit more here ...)
  5. Not my WHOLE bag ... but definitely re-worked a large part of it. Probably would have done the same thing, COVID or no.
  6. I've got a Planemate and have also worked with Monte IRL AND via his vids - IMHO, they're both teaching more or less the same thing but in different ways. That said, the biggest thing I got from the Planemate is more how to feel my pivot through impact as I'd already been working on better shallowing from my lessons with Monte.
  7. Hmmm ... 1970s - Trevino 1980s - Definitely Fuzzy 1990s - Freddie Couples (Daly would be a riot but I'd be pretty wasted by the turn, I'm sure) 2000s - Phil 2010s - JT
  8. Not an LA native but I've lived here for 15 years now. Turning 43 next month. And yeah, probably! Most recent round last week was Skylinks, which I actually quite like!
  9. My biggest take away is JT is still a riot and also I guess I have to book a trip to the Ozarks. Course looks amazing.
  10. Haha there're some characters there. I figure being a long haired dude covered in tattoos; I'm among them.
  11. Correct. And Tiger was on the lower end of middle-class. He learned his game out at like Rec Park and ElDo in Long Beach and the like. You might get more use out of a pocket knife at ElDo than anything else.
  12. I know the feel, man. I was off for about 20 years. When I was in my teens and spent practically every non-school moment playing or practicing, I was usually around par every round. My dad - my constant playing partner - passed away suddenly when I was 21 and the first round I played following, shot a 75 while basically crying the whole time. Then just stepped away aside from occasional range sessions and the odd round here and there. I've played more in the last two months than I did from 1999 till 2018. When I came back, it was a struggle to even get near breaking 1
  13. Nah, our own Monte Scheinblum. Use the Bounce 2.0
  14. Haha it'd take at least three Tommys to make up one Kyle.
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