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  1. Oh! Is this a guitar thread?! My beloved James Trussart Deluxe SteelGuardCaster:
  2. Looking at 110+ in Vegas this week. But I'll take that lovely dry heat any day over that fierce hot and humid I grew up in. Godspeed, sir!
  3. My game is in much better shape when I spend more time actually playing and less time on the range. My scores definitely went up last year thanks to it being so impossible to get decent tee times in LA and I was lucky to play a couple times a month - so spent way too much time at the range. At my peak during those halcyon days of 2019, I was playing 2 or 3 times a week. After the Vegas move and joining the club, things are getting back to my "normal" finally. Can go bang out 9 by myself in no time after work then a full 18 on Saturday and/or Sunday with ease!
  4. As us NC natives say - "What's the difference between North and South Carolina? We have paved roads." haha
  5. Haha having seen The Great One's house at Sherwood ... might come as a bit of a shock to see ol' rural SC
  6. I played a round a couple years ago with a buddy of mine who was creative director at my old company. Big Aussie and about the nicest guy you'd ever meet who'd only recently - like within the prior 6 months - started playing. First tee, he absolutely crushes it god knows how far. An odd looking swing but incredibly effective. Just puring everything till he got around the green where his n00bness was more evident. After a few holes, I was like "Dude ... six months? Lies!" Turns out he was an elite cricket player as a kid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. As a total math and engineering nerd, it'd be a blast to get into equipment engineering.
  8. Also "laptop." "Portable," please. Or maybe that one isn't enforced anymore as they run much cooler than they did 20 years ago. After the dotcom crash, Apple Store was the only job a nerd like me could get for a couple years.
  9. Look, we want you to express yourself, okay? Now if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, then okay. But some people choose to wear more and we encourage that, okay?
  10. I personally probably wouldn't as I dig par 5 strategy (they're a lot of fun at my club). But if you're cool with the layout and everything else, go for it.
  11. Grew up in NC and me and dad played in SC A LOT (parents owned a condo in MB) and man, I can remember it feeling like there was 1/4 mile between holes at some courses.
  13. Aw man, that sucks. Surely he's vaccinated at this point?
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