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  1. My people. I'm 6' and have similarly ridiculous arms. There's no such thing as a "long sleeve shirt" for me unless I buy two sizes too big at which point I just look stupid. I recall getting measured by my dear friend that makes rad leather jackets - and was making one for me - and telling her my arms were dumb. She didn't believe me till she had me try on her brother's pattern ... that fit my arms perfectly. He's 6'7". That being said - yeah, definitely get clubs fit to you. I played "off the shelf" for decades but when I did my irons fitting, wound up with 2° flat an
  2. Oh man, Obee ... best wishes for some hopeful results and a full recovery. We need you putting up some course records in SoCal.
  3. Easy. Don't set your wrists properly going back, rush a float load then BOOM - instant snap hook. Ask me how I know.
  4. Agreed. I thought for sure he was going to bogey 16. But he made the putt. Then that pressure 5 footer for the win on 18 after Westwood's clutch par from a mile away? Awesome. Kid's more than just a big hitter.
  5. SuperSpeed is good stuff. Just doing the basic protocols kind of at random have made me feel more comfortable swinging fast. I believe having the thought of "speed" and "fast" is much better mentally than swinging "hard." "Hard" is what I'm thinking when trying to open a new jar of pickles. "Fast" is what I wanna do with my golf swing.
  6. Not gonna lie - that WAS pretty cool, especially the firing up the gallery. I can totally dig that. It's COOL to make golf exciting, right?
  7. I have 140mph clubhead speed but I can't break 100 because I am a bad putter - this is totally relevant to the conversation
  8. You make a great point here. "Swing easy" is a terrible thing for me to think because what almost always happens is my lower body just doesn't do a damn thing, I don't pivot at all and wind up with a horrible all-arms over-the-top chunk. I'm particularly guilty of this with, like, little 40 yard pitches.
  9. Seconded. Had a couple with Monte last year right before COVID (had planned to do more throughout the year!) and within like 5-10mins and a handful of swings during the first one, he'd figured out what to fix and gave some more to work on. Came back about a month later, hadn't fully worked in what was needed from the first but had made some progress - so a bit more. Then the shutdown happened but I kept working on those key things over the last year (with some help from his vids and IG) and yeah - hitting the ball better than I ever have. Great and funny dude, great communicator a
  10. Yeah, I like BD but ... it's kinda funny how it's all OMG LONGEST EVERRRR all while little 5'9", 160lb Rory routinely outdrives him AND finds the fairway. With the most frighteningly impeccable balance and control ever. That was what got me most seeing Rors at the Genesis last year - how he generates so much speed and power yet finishes with more style and balance than I do with my PW smdh.
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