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  1. Had a great group in LA but we all split up - everyone kinda split to different places when we could due to COVID changing the landscape of work for nerds. None of my friends in Vegas play - they’re all the degenerate musicians from my old days - so I’m back to solo most all the time. But that’s what appealed to me about golf in the first place; I could play on my own. So I dig it just fine.
  2. As I tell the missus, "If you don't hear from me, I'm either dead or in jail."
  3. I'm diggin it simply because my boy Max Homa's been tearing up the back 9.
  4. Stoked that at least 3 of the courses I'm playing this week on vacation are mentioned in this thread.
  5. Watching the '86 Masters with my dad was what made me want to play golf. Also throwing out another vote for '00 US Open. We already knew Tiger was good but that was the like "Yall ain't ready for this" moment.
  6. Yeah. I always think about a time during my sophomore year on my high school golf team. I got grouped with our best player for practice one day - and yeah. He was a good. Definitely better than me at the time. And also a mad s*** talker. And it just really got to me that day till I was finally like "Ok dude, 9 holes. Match play. Tomorrow. For $100." "You're on." I went on to play probably the best round of my life at that point that next day. Match was square going into 9 and I rolled in a 25 footer for birdie to win. I shouldn't have won. No one on the team thought I was going to. But I did. So same. If I were in his position, I'd be thinking the same thing he is.
  7. Yeah, this. On my good days, I can shoot around par. On my bad days ... let's not talk about it. BUT ... if I were to tee it up against any pro, in my mind I'm thinking "I can beat this guy." In reality, of course I can't. But I THINK I can.
  8. Haha I said it to my caddie - who was this awesome old Irish fella - and he was like "Aye, lad, bit less pressure out here today though." Anyway, I feel like that happens in a lot of professional sports. Like, there's just SO MUCH MONEY even if you're a middling level player in any sport that the drive to really put the work in isn't there anymore. Obviously you don't reach that level in the first place without a drive to be the best but once there, seems the fire goes away for most. So it's why guys like Tiger or Tom Brady are so rare. Brady has absolutely nothing left to prove but he's still out there doing Tom Brady things at 44 years old ... because he still wants to win. And if Tiger can still swing a golf club after his recovery, I totally believe he'll be back out there still trying to catch Jack. As to why playoffs or majors seem to matter more for a lot? My guess is because that's where the money comes from and what people remember. What was the bit in Moneyball about the A's 20 win streak not mattering - all that matters is the championship?
  9. I don't buy this in either this specific context or in the context of Brooks just turning it on in majors. Obviously, I'm not of the same talent or work level of these guys but when I do literally anything, I want to win. Whether I'm playing a video game with my 15 y/o step daughter or a cash game at the club or, hell, a car next to me at a stop line and I wanna get off the line faster - I want to win. And I always believe I *CAN* win. Doesn't matter what it is or who the opponent is. When I played Carnoustie in 2019, I remember stepping on 11 tee and recalling that's where Tiger really lost the Open in 2018 with that unfortunate double. That was absolutely on my mind when I teed off, split the fairway and stuck my approach to 10 feet and made par. The first thought that came to mind when I tapped in was "I beat Tiger on this hole." I do indeed believe if you have that drive where winning is what matters, you CAN'T turn it off. That's just how you are, regardless of the competition; real or perceived.
  10. Are there 18 tees and 18 greens? If so, sounds like golf to me. That said, I like a course that mixes it up. The whole "use your whole bag" bit. Some long and short par 3s, a reachable par 4, par 4s that there's risk/reward for driver vs. playing it safe, long par 4, reachable/unreachable par 5s. This is a reason I really love my club's course. It requires a lot of thought off the tee on a most holes - like, you really do have to play shots. Plenty of holes where just finding the fairway isn't gonna cut it. Really covers everything that makes for a fun challenge.
  11. I'm personally a huge fan of Rahm and if he hadn't had to withdraw from the Memorial ... yeah, it'd far more likely be his as things happened otherwise. But who's to say he'd have won the US Open without that fire from being forced to withdraw? Things don't happen in a vacuum. But by what actually happened - Cantlay easily deserves it.
  12. Nah. I wanna be within a comfortable approach number. I'm just not that good in the 30-70 yard range but feel great being 80-110. So on shorter par 4s, I'm going with whatever will get me around there. I can confidently get 270-290 with my driver these days so if it's, like, a super short par 4 - say 300-320 - I may try to get within an easy pitch or chip range. But not always. Case in point, #15 at the club plays around 320 ... but if you don't fly it 300 (and I can't) you're gonna be way below a super elevated green and have a super tough flop to get it on. And the fairway around there filters into some really tough rough so if you're so unfortunate as to wind up down there ... good luck even getting on the green in two, let alone near a makeable putt since they always cut the pin in the front. I play that up the flatter right side of the fairway with a 5 or 4 iron depending on the wind, which leaves a wide open look at the green from 100ish yards.
  13. I pay ~$900/mo for TPC Summerlin. They've got it in shape for the Shriner's in October and man ... simply incredible condition. I get it'd be crazy expensive to keep it like that year around but dang, it'd be nice. Not to say it's not always in great shape - but tour stop shape is another level. Most of the private clubs I looked at when moving back to Vegas, the dues are around the same. Biggest differences were initiation fees. There're a few ClubCorp spots but I wasn't interested in any of them. Mainly chose TPC for the practice facilities.
  14. Agree 100%. I've watched far more LPGA in the last couple years than even PGA. Tons of talent and a lot more fire to win.
  15. This is great and really kinda confirms what I've felt was a huge breakthrough for me over the last few months after getting some really great info about HOW to actually turn.
  16. I feel like it's this more than anything. If you're just just old enough to have come up in the Tiger era, followed by Rory and then Spieth - both of whom were being positioned as "the next Tiger" and went on a tear for a couple years - it's easy to think that multiple majors and double digit wins before age 30 is supposed to be the norm. But outside the all-time greats, that's just practically never the case and never has been.
  17. Mitch Comestein ... my roommate. Good guy.
  18. It's worse to get through than my old algorithm textbooks (Homer was no Uncle Bob) and, really, kinda useless to most anyone.
  19. Man, Tiger would wanna putt like he did last week.
  20. Not really a Cantlay fan and never much paid much attention to him till last week but man ... I love his tempo. Very Boom Boom-ish.
  21. I was sidelined for a month my junior year on the high school team after hitting a root. I didn't break it but my wrist was wrecked - like, I couldn't even put a watch on. That really HURT. Ever since, if I'm near where tree roots might be, I roll my ball away. If it's competition, fine - unplayable and stroke penalty. I'm not going through that ever again.
  22. Funny - the last thing I do before starting my backswing is wiggle my toes up to make sure I'm not on top of them.
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