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  1. Guess you could try hitting it closer if you are always in the rough. I wouldn't drop the 60, but maybe just get one with a lower bounce and good grind for the tighter lies you may encounter. Never a good thing to potentially not have the right tool when you have the spot in the bag for it, even if you rarely hit it. I rarely hit my 5 and 6 irons, but I wouldn't ever think of dropping them.
  2. I'm for 3wds, but it still comes down to your intended use. Mine is 99.9% off the tee, and while still getting used to it (only had the Sim a week now), it is doing its job well. If you rarely hit off the tee, look into a 4 or 5 wd to help elevate the ball for approaches, but can also look at a lower spin head for the odd tee shot.
  3. I dropped my G410 2 crossover this week (rather than reshaft and hope) for a TS3 19* hybrid and it is infinitely more versatile from the rough (if/when needed) and still gives me the flight I want (primary use is off the tee). Have been a fan of the 816/818 H2's and now the TS3 for being a smaller head shape with adjustability.
  4. This was going to be my suggestion as a cheaper experiment if you can find the 15* ones. Personally I'm more of a fan of the 3wd than a lower lofted hybrid after my experiments. But that was trying to fix a problem I didn't have.
  5. I've never had an issue putting .355 iron shafts into a couple of the Tour Issue Adams hybrid heads I have.
  6. Will be doing a re-shaft to PX 6.5's in my Apex Pros this week from the DG TI 120 X100's. Better feel and flight, great set of heads, but a bit clicky at times.
  7. I'm still wondering how 1/2" and 1* manages to create a gap of 15-20 yards.
  8. I've yet to have shaft lengths vary that much in an OEM set, I mean, it's just cutting shafts... Loft/lie is a whole other issue along with just botching up orders. But when you're a small, boutique company, you have to be right the first time as you have no brand loyalty yet other than a name that isn't really the original.
  9. Worry less about the number on the bottom and more on the lofts and gapping.
  10. That, and a less than top notch build. Although I picked my set 2nd hand (gamed 2 rounds and basically 'new'), when I measured the shafts as I was going to pull and sell them, they weren't consistent throughout. Varied from under 1 1/4" to 1 1/3", I just shook my head at this. I was going to rebuild anyway, but this was a little annoying. As mentioned above, get fit now if you feel that you have a confident swing and in a position where you are happy with things, don't wait until after your season is done and you aren't as focused on things and haven't swung a club in a while.
  11. In my fitting, it was magically snappers left while the Mavrik SZ was pretty straight with a gentle fade at the end. To the OP, to try everything out and get fitted, too many good sticks and shaft combos out there to just sit on 1 without really trying it out.
  12. I've wanted to try some out and really should have ordered a couple in to do so. Have a couple of friends that now swear by them.
  13. http://www.golfwrx.com/303248/how-far-you-can-actually-hit-your-driver/
  14. Piles of sites with good options that aren't new retail pricing. Shouldn't be hard to find an Odyssey tank cruiser or older spider for nothing.
  15. I'm not the one with the 85 mph chs gramps...
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