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  1. Can only tell you for Southern California. It's not humid here so it's pretty pleasant. That being said it's all about sun protection - bucket hat, umbrella on push cart or actually take a cart. You also need to hydrate non stop because you rarely see a cloud until November.
  2. Best I can tell one is the dad the other is junior. Kinda like Indiana Jones
  3. I can't see how Congressional will ever be a top 5 course in the country. It's good but it doesn't have the land / design. It is about 50 in my book. Sadly the DC area does not have any great courses.
  4. SCalGolfer

    Ping putters

    I have a nickel Scottsdale that sometimes goes into the bag. Nice collection of putters.
  5. We did all the top ranked courses starting from Belfast and drove CCwise around the island. It can be done but it's a lot of driving. Since we have only been there once I'm glad we did. If you're going to be there again choosing one will be fine.
  6. They are great wedges. If you can't hit them it's on you.
  7. Yes I believe you're right. This club goes back to the 80's I believe. It's got an Aldila NV 75 x in it right now. I think that shaft is 10 years old but it should be good enough. Had a nice feel at the range. The small head did mess with me but all shots were pretty good. Can't wait to get on the course. I also had a PT15 with an X100 because of Tiger back in the day. I could never hit that thing off the deck. It was a beast. The 17 degree wasn't too bad though.
  8. Nice. Yours looks like the 13 degree. How does it compare distance wise off the tee and deck compared to your current gamer? What shaft is in there?
  9. I picked up this old S2H2 3 wood. It's super small, even compared to the club it's replacing the Titleist PT17. So far I've only hit it at the range. Feel is great. Trajectory is great. It feels like it spins a ton however. I like modern 3 woods but they are hard for me to hit off the turf. If I can get 245 with accuracy out of this club I'll be happy.
  10. Still loving this putter. The shape of the NP2 is perfect. I admit to starting at it at times. LOL
  11. Was playing RTX4 in all wedges. Still have one in my 58 but Vokey took over the other positions in my bag.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me because RTX4 aren't readily available. I can't imagine Cleveland just cedes sales to Vokey.
  13. In my local store there are no more RTX4 for purchase. Also you cannot get the raw finish anymore on Cleveland's website. Is there a date for the RTX5 launch?
  14. It's real. Played 9 holes today and holy crap. I can see why this shaft has been popular for the last decade. It's a freaking beast. Feel is good too. Was putting them out there past my previous gamer.
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