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  1. Approximately when is the release date?
  2. Yeah it is weird especially knowing Wilson doesn’t make the v6 anymore. Would have thought Wilson would ask the pro staffers to promote the new staff model cb more. Makes me think they the pro staff players prefer the v6 over the new staff model cb.
  3. What is everyone’s thoughts on the Wilson staff model wedges compared to the popular brands in your?
  4. I have always heard that many people like the ping irons but they complain of how easily the coating come off the irons.
  5. That’s good to know, I have only demoed the d7 forged, but I hear great things about the v6 and the staff model blades.
  6. Hey guys, there are a lot of great products out there. Which would you choose between the Srixon cb and the Wilson staff cb irons?
  7. In the market for some new irons, playing off an index of 10, which would you choose between the Srixon zx7, T100s and the ping I210? Having a hard time deciding....
  8. Hey guys just curious on your thoughts regarding the new staff model cb irons.....is it worth upgrading from the fgtour v6 irons?
  9. Hey guys, in the market for new irons, play off an index of 8.9, which one would you choose between the Wilson staff model cb, ping i210, or the mp20 mmc irons?
  10. Any idea when the v6 replacements will be released?
  11. Would you say the v6 is comparable to the mp20 mmc iron?
  12. What iron would you compare the v6 to in today’s market?
  13. Can you send come pics of the combo set?
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