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  1. Baffler rails changed my life, from 3 wood to 5 wood I noticed a big difference in the launch I would get off the turf. Keeps me from digging too much when I get steep, absolutely loved it
  2. Don’t play but have hit them that way and can’t say I noticed a huge difference in the way it got through the ground. Anything more and you might see a difference though, and with the offset as well. These are so beautiful as is, might start to look a little funky
  3. The softer I went with shaft, higher launching and so on, the more I seemed to struggle. Started to loose strike more than anything, which kept me from getting the launch. Switched into something stiffer throughout the whole profile, tensei pro white 70tx and things got better right away. Some will do better with certain set ups than others, no matter what its “supposed” to do.
  4. 3D printed putter just made its way to some reviewers, might be proof of concept if they hope to bring it to irons on a bigger scale
  5. Definitely will be more face balanced than his previous putter with the plumbers neck, but might still have some slight toe hang
  6. Looks pretty killer! Hopefully it keeps getting better, the last few drivers they’ve done have killed it, little better each time!
  7. Bringing back some many good memories l. They’ll sell a ton of these on nostalgia alone
  8. I know this is a pretty old thread but I finally got my hands on a set of practically new mp5s after looking for the right set for a while and couldn’t be happier. Something about them the first time I saw them stuck with me, might not be the greatest when people talk about feel although they are as fantastic as any other mizuno I just absolutely love the design
  9. I did a set of mg2s not long ago and they came out great. I’ve had some other custom wedges from cleveland in the past and these came out much cleaner
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