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  1. Gotta be one of the best guys to work with on the entire platform!
  2. A few odds and ins to move on to new homes today. Shipping will be included in the asking prices to CONUS. If you have any questions or offers definitely reach out, I'm always open to a good trade! I haven't posted for sale here in a while, so let me know if I've left anything off or if you need more info! 1. Scotty Cameron Futura X7 - Never really used a ton, just sat as part of the collection. 35 inches, pistol G.T. 1.0 grip. No real cosmetic flaws, one small spot on the back wing which can be seen in pictures, otherwise it's in fantastic shape with upgraded 15 gram star weights. Start this one out at $290 $270 2. Titleist TSi3 16.5 - 4 wood - Gave this guy a couple of tries on the range and course and just haven't fallen in love with it, but one of you definitely can! It's all stock from Titleist with the Raw White 75x. Face shows minimal wear from a few of those pesky sandy range balls but top-line, crown and sole are still pristine. Would love to trade this guy for another fairway to try out, otherwise lets go SOLD 3. C-Taper 130x pulls 3-pw - Pulled from a set of Mizuno's, less than 10 rounds on them before they got switched out. Played at .5" over Mizuno standard. Golf Pride MCC Midsize grips on them with tons of life left, tried to show that in pictures as well. Buyer fell through - SOLD 4 & 5. Tensei Pro White 60 & 70 TX - Both standard from Taylormade, played in SIM driver and 3 wood at standard length for TM with no tipping. $190 for the 60 and $175 for the 70, keep them together and get them for 6. Diamana DF 60TX - Picked this up on here a while back, who would have thought that it wouldn't be able to beat out the Ventus. Measures to Right around 44" from tip to base of grip cap. Left-handed TM tip installed, if you're a righty just reverse the adjustments and it'll play the same. No tipping to my knowledge, but if someone needs the info and knows the graphics measurements I can definitely get that checked out. SOLD
  3. Finally got the content count up high enough and can post these couple items for sale! I've purchased and traded a few times on here, finally posting for sale tho so If any of the formatting or photos show up with issues let me know! First up is a Scotty Cameron Futura X7, 35'' and std loft and lie as it would have been from scotty. Switched out the original weights to these 15 gram star weights, will ship with the original head cover which was used even less than the putter was. In great condition, lets say maybe $290 $275. Would be open to trades for other putters on this guy as well, have been looking for a blade or wide blade with a plumbers neck in similar condition. Next up is a combo set of the original p790 and p770s. The 4 and 5 iron are 790s and the 6-pw are 770s. Standard length on these with Modus 120 stiff, lofts on the 770s were strengthened 1 degree to match up gap wise with the 790s, and are 1 degree flat. Used these off and on lightly for a season right after they came out but have been sitting in the spare bag since. Note on the 8 iron the ding on the leading edge, I made sure to include some photos of it close up, nothing that effects play though and are in great shape otherwise. Grips are lamkin players cords with plenty of life left. Lets go $575 $550 on these.
  4. Baffler rails changed my life, from 3 wood to 5 wood I noticed a big difference in the launch I would get off the turf. Keeps me from digging too much when I get steep, absolutely loved it
  5. Don’t play but have hit them that way and can’t say I noticed a huge difference in the way it got through the ground. Anything more and you might see a difference though, and with the offset as well. These are so beautiful as is, might start to look a little funky
  6. The softer I went with shaft, higher launching and so on, the more I seemed to struggle. Started to loose strike more than anything, which kept me from getting the launch. Switched into something stiffer throughout the whole profile, tensei pro white 70tx and things got better right away. Some will do better with certain set ups than others, no matter what its “supposed” to do.
  7. 3D printed putter just made its way to some reviewers, might be proof of concept if they hope to bring it to irons on a bigger scale
  8. Definitely will be more face balanced than his previous putter with the plumbers neck, but might still have some slight toe hang
  9. Looks pretty killer! Hopefully it keeps getting better, the last few drivers they’ve done have killed it, little better each time!
  10. Bringing back some many good memories l. They’ll sell a ton of these on nostalgia alone
  11. Same! And for some reason I keep trying..
  12. I know this is a pretty old thread but I finally got my hands on a set of practically new mp5s after looking for the right set for a while and couldn’t be happier. Something about them the first time I saw them stuck with me, might not be the greatest when people talk about feel although they are as fantastic as any other mizuno I just absolutely love the design
  13. I did a set of mg2s not long ago and they came out great. I’ve had some other custom wedges from cleveland in the past and these came out much cleaner
  14. I had to go with a 10.5 this year in the sim in order to get the right numbers out of it with how low spin it was for me, but man does it hit some crazy bombs. I played a standard epic flash before moving into sim and that was the most accurate driver I’ve had, until now. Not only is the sim just as accurate, its easily 15 yards further on the fly. Playing it turned down one notch to open the face up some with the weight slightly in the toe. Paired up with a tensei pro white 60tx, has been one of my favorite clubs for a while now.
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