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  1. Probably would be sometime in March, so I’m guessing we’d be good by then. Good to know the temps vary though, we will be so frozen by that time anything south will feel nice lol.
  2. I think we will fly into Atlanta and drive the rest of the way from there, so probably won't get all the way to Shoals. My dad and brother were down there last winter and enjoyed the golf!
  3. Good to hear! We were debating staying at Grand National or Capitol Hill, currently leaning towards Capitol Hill
  4. Thanks for sharing! Those are cleannnnn
  5. I will have to look into those courses as well! Thanks for letting me know
  6. What's the difficulty of the courses like? Tight off the tee? Got a wide range of handicappers coming so it'd be good to find somewhere where the higher HCP guys aren't getting beat up too bad.
  7. Golf season is coming to a close up here in MN, so I have been looking to plan a trip south in the winter. I have been looking into the RTJ trail and think it would be a great trip. Will likely be flying in, so have been thinking of either flying in to Huntsville and playing the courses at Hampton Cove and The Shoals, or flying into Birmingham and playing Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge. Open to any thoughts or recommendations on those locations!
  8. Never been a part of a hole in one. Hopefully that time comes! If/when it does, I hope to be able to see it from the tee so we can go nuts on the tee. And then it'll be a fun time in the clubhouse for sure.
  9. Tiger Michael Jordan Justin Timberlake
  10. Thanks for the insight everyone. Great to hear that they perform well as I love the looks and have some connection as my Dad has gamed Hogans as long as I've been alive. Might have to make some changes to the bag this winter!
  11. The new Ben Hogan irons have been catching my eye lately. My dad has played BH Apex plus irons for the last 20 years and loves them. I'm currently gaming the original AP2's from 2008 and love them, but the price point for a brand new set of the Hogan's has caught my eye. Anyone out there game these or have some experience with them? Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed!
  12. Hadn't heard of them. Got some great options. Thanks for the recommendation!
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