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  1. Decided to up the cable rotations and medicine ball throws/workouts this week to get over the plateau and had a nice little breakthrough today
  2. Good stuff, enjoy the ride
  3. I have not yet. Will start getting on a launch monitor once winter hits but have to keep in mind how distance potential is calculated: For the Distance Potential metric, we use the following: 90° F temperature 1,000 ft. elevation Total distance (carry + roll) Moderately firm fairways Neutral Angle of Attack Optimized launch conditions (club fitting efficiency) 2019 ProV1x Ball
  4. Thank you!! Ive never used super speed before so can't speak to that but with the speed I've gained this past summer and my handicap trending down it has been very worth it for me. The app really also makes the product so much better/worth it in my opinion
  5. Just a little update on my progress. Last December (12/31) when I started Fit for Golf I took a baseline of my swing speed and i was at 92 mph average on 10 swings with my lowest speed being 89mph. I started the stack in May and I just finished my second go around with the foundations program and my driver baseline now is 109mph with my fastest being 113mph. The next program it recommended for me was the neural drive so I am excited to change it up and gain more speed.
  6. I do think that it could be overkill as well. I guess it depends on what you are doing. For me I try and do the stack every other day and try and maintain a good grit score. I also workout every day which includes lifting weights, cardio and core workouts (cable rotations, med ball throws, etc) so for me doing the stack and superspeed on top of lifting weights, cardio and core workouts is a lot.
  7. After posting in August that i broke 40 on 9 holes for the first time, a few weeks later i shot my best round ever and first round under 80 with a 77
  8. I was looking around last year or so. 25 years old as well and in Northern NJ. I looked at black oak golf club, panther valley, lake mohawk, newton country club. Just never went through with it.
  9. Im not sure if it matters but I do set my PRGR to driver just in case. And agreed, most people dont swing as fast as they think they can haha
  10. Berkshire valley is nice and all but literally impossible to get a tee time before 2pm on weekends even being a county resident. So frustrating with how nice it is
  11. Its definitely important to go to the range with a radar and work on incorporating the speed while hitting the ball
  12. Struggled a lot with the swing at some points but I stuck with the lessons and practice and have made huge changes. Dropped down to a 12 handicap and broke 40 for the first time ever this year and it was just an amazing experience and showed the hard work paid off
  13. Arms shortening due to reverse pivot?
  14. Before i started getting lessons with my current instructor I told myself i would get off the youtube instructional videos, get off the instructional forums and just trust the damn process and go back to our lesson videos and notes i took. Has worked out better than i could have imagined and I broke 40 for the first time in my life!
  15. From the website Espeed is: TheStack's shaft length is equivalent to that of a typical hybrid club, but most golfers are familiar with and care about their driver speed. TheStack’s eSpeed (Equivalent Driver Speed) provides a reasonable approximation of your driver clubhead speed based on the length differential between TheStack and your driver.
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