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  1. I’m hoping callaway does a better forged iron. I would be apex pro guy, but I’m not a fan of hallow body irons.
  2. I know it is really early. Anyone know anything that is coming in January?
  3. Great look! I personally have felt Taylormade wedges were subpar. I especially didn’t like the mg2. These look fantastic
  4. I wish I like mizuno. Haven’t liked feel ironically
  5. I feel this is Taylormade weakness. I feel their long game stuff is solid but their wedges and putters could be improved. I agree spider does great, but besides spider the offerings are just ok. I hope there is an upgrade in this area
  6. T100 s based on lost. Srixon are far my forgiving in my opinion. My point was I wish they would be a one piece forged not hallow body
  7. T100 s is based on loft. I play a combo of srixon right now. Srixon is way more forgiving then t100. the gist of my point is that I wish the t200 would just be a stronger loft one piece forged. Not a hallow body
  8. Appreciate you getting back to me. I’m not into hallow body. I personally wish you would make a P7mc style just slightly bigger Srixon kills it with make players irons and making a slightly bigger to combo. I was hoping for that one piece forged from Taylormade. You typically make a great iron.
  9. Me personally I’m not a fan of hallowed body irons. I don’t like the feel. I personally wish Titleist would just make their t200 in competition to a srixon zx7. Something that is one piece forged, feels great and goes far. I wouldn’t buy a t200 preciously because they were cast and I prefer not to play cast clubs based on feel. I personally think that the bigger companies could learn a lot from srixon. Their game improvement irons look like players clubs. They look and feel great. interested to see how these play and perform
  10. Anything else besides p790 replacement? Maybe a p760 replacement ?
  11. Im disappointed in how these look. Thought last ones looked better. I think if the t200 are really forged that’s amazing and I would highly consider them. If they are hallow body, I’m not interested. as always everything comes down to performance. Just not the best look for me
  12. I don’t produce enough spin to stay with srixon. Looking for something different. I just retrofitted my irons, new shafts etc. so if I was going to stay with srixon I would just keep these longer. Looking to see what’s new
  13. Good to know! I’m looking at what’s come out. I currently play srixon 785. I’m looking for a new iron. A little stronger lofted. Forged that is a little more forgiving then a bladed cavity back. Feel like this fall has some good things coming. Wondering if I was missing any in the threads. I don’t want hallow body
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