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  1. No doesn’t change anything, except I’m willing to check out the new one instead of writing them off. what I found interesting was the i500 and i210 say they have the same. Yet look completely different
  2. I want to thank you for this. When I set it down last week it looked massive. I only kept stating it because it was a top contender for my bag. It would give me spin, forgiveness, but whether real or not if it looks like it will go with something that doesn’t seem that way. Perception and confidence mean a lot. I really do appreciate you taking the time to share this. It gives me confidence to look at it again. Every time I try equipment I end up looking at the 921 tours. I am good enough to play them. I just want golf to become easier to play, not harder. I’ll give the replacement consideration because it. Thanks again
  3. A little too small for me. My top choice would be mizuno jpx 921 tour. If I don’t love the i210 replacement, I’ll go with mizuno
  4. Fair. But it seems like the general theme has been from most brands is to make the shift. I very well could be wrong
  5. Thank you for a positive feedback. I like the size of the iron. Super forgiving. Just hope the next one is a little better.
  6. Yeah, I was hitting the 7 iron. Which I felt had a lot of offset. Which made me concerned what the 4 iron would look like.
  7. Thanks for all the insight shared here. Anyone know why ping was so open with this picture but not the other irons to come?
  8. Right, I am working on my swing. But I won’t buy a club, that in my mind that will make it go left. At the end of the day your clubs have to give you confidence. Offset gives me no confidence. Which is why it is a deal breaker. The amount of offset on these doesn’t give me confidence. The i500 on the other hand looks perfect. Both in size and offset. I just don’t like hallow. I don’t spin in much anyway. So I would have went with i210 to increase spin. But the offset is a deal breaker. I will check out the replacement when it comes in. Otherwise I will simply go with the other brand I’m looking at.
  9. By spring. I would expect January to March. That is based on conversation with Wilson when I was asking if they released it, when you could hypothetically expect it
  10. It is about finding clubs that match your game. Not matching your game to clubs. My miss is left. Anything that looks like it wants to go left isn’t my friend.
  11. They made changes on how they sell them. For the people who paid full pop, you should be upset. That is betrayal from that brand. They didn’t care about you in the first place. now that they don’t pay to roll fitters out everywhere they are saving money. Now that they are becoming more direct to consumer they are saving even more. They made a business move. Their strategy put them in the middle of the golf industry in a short amount of time. The hard part is their pivot hurts some in the process. But it now put themselves before more golfers for the first time.
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