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  1. Downwind. Flyer lie. Hit a cart path. About 320ish.
  2. Did you buy your current driver off the rack?
  3. Some of you have been watching way too many George Gankas videos.
  4. Get your right thumb off the top of the grip and widen the right foot a bit with the driver. You'll probably notice better strikes with all clubs.
  5. Excellent swing. Just flare the right foot a bit. You're locking yourself out.
  6. You've overdone a good thing. A lot of people would love to be where you're at. BUT......... Unless you decide to play a big draw, this is the death move of good players. You're going to have to feel like the clubhead is moving way out while the hands stay in for a while on the downswing. Yes, it'll feel awful at first. You're actually dropping too far inside for too long if that makes any sense. Or you could try feeling over the top and see what happens.
  7. Club Champion in Atlanta has a laser they can put on the face to see where you line up.
  8. Do you have any video or photos of your setup?
  9. Engineers at club companies decided that's the best way to go for some reason. They first say that lie angle doesn't matter with driver, then design them to be about 5-10 degrees more upright than needed. Pros have the time and talent to get away with it, but it presents problems for people who don't have the time to invest. I use a 55* lie in my driver and a titanium 360cc head and the new stuff doesn't come close in performance for me. I want the clubhead aiming down the fairway, not into the left trees.
  10. Does the toe sit way up at address?
  11. Ben Hogan rebuilt his swing way before 1947.
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