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  1. All I'm seeing is arms moving with no rotation. Weight too far on heels as well.
  2. I know. Viktor's swing is way better than Rickie's though.
  3. That camera angle makes it appear more across than it actually is.
  4. That tells me you're not gripping it correctly to begin with.
  5. If you're practicing a lot, your forearms and hands are probably getting stronger.
  6. If I were you, I'd do it every day for like 100 balls. Be deliberate like he says. Do you have any mobility issues with external rotation of the right arm?
  7. How often do you play in the summer? You could have said you were a +6 and I'd believe it. A lot of the times it's a sequencing issue rather than the position of the arms. I go back to this if things get out of whack.
  8. I'd shorten the club first. Just because you're 6'2" doesn't mean you need longer clubs especially with long arms.
  9. That's not entirely true. A hair upright is ok. Excessively upright will cause a steep downswing to flatten the lie out at impact.
  10. Not butt hurt one bit. You have a good swing. Moe and Jack have a lot in common. They won tournaments with their brains, not their golf swings. What's between the ears is what separates greatness from guys who go home every Friday.
  11. You came at me first when I was trying to help a guy who was aiming into the trees saying I had no idea what I was talking about. Here's my impact position which is zeroed out more often than not.
  12. I'd like to see proof that you play par golf since you've said it in pretty much every one of your posts.
  13. Personally, if I shot 10 over and was hitting it great, I'd probably take up underwater speed knitting.
  14. I saw him at The Western Open many years ago at Butler National. It was more of an aim left block shot. Pretty straight with a hint of left to right.
  15. Ben Hogan was right handed. Don't know how that myth got started.
  16. You didn't learn anything from the pro who beat you by 9 shots?
  17. BS! Tiger, Jack, Ben, Greg and Nick Price are right handed. Where did you get that info?
  18. Does anyone know what the sole purpose of holding the club correctly is? Hint: It has nothing to do with how strong or weak a grip is.
  19. Not if you take your grip with the club out in front of you. Don't take your grip with the club soled. It's much more difficult to get the hands on there properly.
  20. Check out Jackie Burke. https://www.secretgolf.com/get-better/grip
  21. Kidding aside. I'm just curious why people take advice from popular Youtube teachers as gospel. I'd rather pick Jack's or Tiger's brain than Malaska or Clement with his gardening tools and grass whips.
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