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  1. Used to be a left hand low putter for over 20 years. Converted to the claw last year. Been messing around with a combo: long putts I am better with left hand low / 15’ and in or touchy downhill the claw is the winner. what I found is that a 34” putter is best for the left hand low and 35” plus is best for my claw. Anyone else need different length putters based on grip type?
  2. 1. Moline, IL 2. Index 1.5 3. Agera 35” 4. Tm Spider X 5. Consistent distance 6. Yes
  3. Asked our rep this question yesterday. He didn’t have any specific info but said certain P790 stock was getting low (or gone) - especially some left handed options. He thought that indicated a new version was on the horizon.
  4. First TM driver for me since the SuperTri. Wanted something that would not go left. Worked with the TM rep for about two hours to get dialed in. Ended up with the Sim2 max 10.5 - one click open / Tour AD Di 7. After about 6 or 7 rounds, I am hitting really consistent baby cuts with every swing. distance is very similar to previous drivers in my bag. Maybe a touch shorter due to the cut / slight higher spin rates. Lots of confidence right now with this club.
  5. I have (still play) a set of the “pre” gen 1’s. This was before they released a P and T version. These are significantly better feeling than the gen 2’s. I bought the gen 3’s last year with the same shafts as my original pxg’s. Same shaft / length / lie / grip / etc - triple checked. The new gen 3’s were almost a full club shorter. Kept trying for 2 or 3 weeks and eventually sold them. Went back to the original ones. I am a club hoe at heart. It’s killing me that I can’t find a set that is close or better than the original pxg’s.
  6. To add another version - I have an epic 5 wood set to add 2 deg of loft (effectively a 6 or 7 wood). However, I use a 3 wood length shaft. For me, this offsets the added loft to give me 5 wood distance with a higher trajectory. I love the thing.
  7. Ordered a pair of boa huperflex. I am usually a 10.5 or 11. Ordered the 10.5’s (same size I always get with FJ’s). They feel massive. Maybe a full size too big. Anyone else feel they run much larger than normal?
  8. Sub 70’s new TAI heads look really nice. In the JDM space, Miura is hard to beat and has a lot of head options.
  9. I think the original SIM is a little more fade biased. Splitting hairs here.
  10. Haven’t hit the TSi outside - only on trackman. The sim and sim 2 are definitely not draw biased. (At least the standard and max heads).
  11. Driving through Orlando next week and stopping at their main fitting center for an appointment. The Flo model seems right in my sweet spot. We will see.
  12. Really wish they would make a 16.5 head. I didn’t care for the 5 wood. Strangely launched almost exactly like the 3 wood - yet shorter distance. The 3 wood with Ventus blue was solid and TrackMan numbers were really good. Only hit it inside. it didn’t seem to ever go hard left - which is a good thing. The rep put his heaviest weight in the toe to help. Might be a contender. Can’t wait to hit it outside.
  13. Are you talking about the face-on putter? I have his F-22. The forward lean is perfect for an arm lock style. I have messed around with it multiple times. The big problem is that the lie angle, when used as an arm lock, is massively “toe high”. very solid and you could easily get by using it with the putting style even with the lie issue.
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