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  1. How much "older" is this Coleman golf heater? I've been looking at a few, but not sure which model to get. Is the new one garbage compared to the "older" models?
  2. I have really enjoyed my shirts and, most recently (and more importantly?), my masks from Rhoback out of Charlottesville Virginia. Haven't looked into the masks in a bit but when I ordered 3 masks from them at the beginning of July and then 5 more once I received and used them in mid July, they were not only giving one for each purchase to first responders in their area, but also donating a percentage of profits from certain masks to different local charities (Charlottesville food bank etc.). While I am not local to them, I have been wearing their polos for a little while and was really b
  3. The pro version or the original?
  4. As the title says I’m looking for an untipped Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0 60gram shaft for my M5 driver.
  5. Honestly, my 5 iron... for some reason I just never really find myself 190ish out. Seems like the long par 3s around me are 200ish and I’m either closer or farther away on the par 4s and 5s. Don’t get me wrong, I do reach for it occasionally, I just reach for the 4 iron or 6 iron more.
  6. New custom head covers! So stoked for them to get here... waiting on a well known custom head cover shop to get back in gear now that they can go back to work. Will post pics when I get them.
  7. I use iron covers 90% of the time. I travel for work quite a bit and my clubs come with me. While they are in the travel bag, they have covers on them. Additionally any time they go in the trunk, they have covers on them. I also use iron covers when I walk as the clanging drives me nuts, really the only time I don’t have covers on is while riding in carts as I lose them all the time when riding and using them.
  8. First is a set of "new" 718 AP3s. I say "new" because I got these and hit the PW, 8i, 7i maybe 10-15 time (shots) and the 4i 2 or 3 times before I realized these just aren't for me. See pictures below for condition. Happy to send more upon request. 7i shows the most wear. I went with 2019 Apex Pros instead. ~ $625 OBO Trades considered: M5 15 degree 3-wood, SIM 19 degree hybrid, or a Skytrak. Obviously plus cash on either end for trades. Second I have a set of professionally pulled new DG Tour x100 4-AW pulls from said Apex Pros with new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. These shafts we
  9. Great price on those PV1X, too bad I just scooped up another 5 dozen or I'd be all over them, best of luck!
  10. I have a pretty narrow foot, usually a C in most “dress” shoes, and love my Footjoy D.N.A Helix 2019 shoes. Some of the only ones that are narrow enough for me. Nike and Adidas are both way to wide and I swim around in them. ninja edit: spelling.
  11. Is the bottom of that M5 dented (see the picture straight at the face) or is it just lighting?
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