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  1. possibly but still need to email Matt first and get your specs and CC and all.
  2. Now is the time! we ahve a bunch of factory seconds/ minor blem putters for sale around $250-$300. email matt@labgolf.com
  3. We have a bunch of factory seconds with minor blems on them for sale right now. Do a remote fitting and email matt@labgolf.com
  4. email matt@labgolf.com we have a bunch of factory second/minor blemmish putters going for around 300
  5. You can come down to Eugene and I am happy to fit you. You could also do the remote fitting which is extremely accurate.
  6. That is some RIDICULOUSLY good putting! I love that the reviews and feedback is like this. with other putters out there, the feedback is, "this thing looks sweet" or "such a nice feel" or whatever. with us its "I'M PUTTING BETTER!!!". Stay locked and keep us posted!
  7. I like it quite a bit. I use it in my broomstick. I like it in the B.2 in particular. Its great in the mallet too if the length is over 34.5. We don't have control over swingweight with the LAGP so the shorter ones tend to come out a little light.
  8. I thought the same thing. Took about 4 holes. ANYTHING looks good when the ball starts going in the middle of the hole!
  9. Best thing to do is the remote fitting. Get your specs and then email matt@labgolf.com and he can find you one from our Blem pile for much less than a new one
  10. It is somewhat universally agreed that the new ones feel much better. The shafting and tipping process has provided much better feedback and speed control.
  11. Nice! Yeah once you get the hang of it, using gravity to control speed is much more consistent than using acceleration. With other putters, you run the risk of mishits with long strokes. Not only will you mis hit less with the balanced putter, it doesn't really matter if you do since the face is so forgiving. Enjoy!
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