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  1. See if True Spec will sell you the sleeves. I have access to the adapters that go on the shafts but no extra vendor sleeves.
  2. There are other shafts listed in their custom guide as well.
  3. I run into issues as well and it’s almost always FSX software driven. Like others have said, check to see if you go wireless to the app if it works. You can run the app on your phon if needed. As far as wacky readings (longer shots with no tracers, 55* face closed, 700rpm driver spin) I usually see these with fudicials not being placed correctly or the Quad not being aligned correctly. Also during fittings if a player is drastically over the top with the face closed, you will get little or no data.
  4. This ^ and Titleist uses a build up tape that is thicker that most others use, almost like athletic trainers tape.
  5. Any Titleist account retailer should be able to order them other that the Black and Red demo ones
  6. Where did you get them? How is there not enough speed, loft is loft.
  7. KBS TGI 100 is my choice. SF 95 is too light and feels like crap to me. I did like the Recoil 110 but the KBS felt better. The quick taper on the MMT shafts really bugs me in looks.
  8. I will be reshafting them when they get here. TM doesn’t offer the shaft I like anymore so gotta do it myself.
  9. I have multiple pairs of shoes but not enough shoe bags. I love the tourney embroidered one from my CountyAm. Shoebags are my choice.
  10. Use them for fitting but the sleeve adjustments never match up exactly like the OEM intended. They are USGA approved though.
  11. PgaSuperstore will order them for you 18.00 each.
  12. How about the word PERIOD! over priced Ping clubs.
  13. It’s coming - new team colors added and plus4 option as well
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