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  1. Ok I will add that this isn’t just a TM problem but EVERY maunfacturer. We all know about KBS but Callaway told their accounts to no longer use anthing KBS, Projext X and TT Amt series stuff. These 3 shaft option are also impacting Titleist ability to deliver products as well. Patience is the key word these days when ordering irons with steel shafts.
  2. AoA ( angle of attack ) is the needed info to find out why your launch is what it is. The higher up on the face of a driver for impact increases launch. Do you often hit the top of the crown of the driver?
  3. You cannot reshaft a Mizuno fitting head
  4. This will also be used by Cobra this year. The KBS 90 shafts are very scarce right now.
  5. Call a store closest to you and see if they can proceed with an order at the store rather than the website. This has worked for me in the past.
  6. Not sure how you saved data? mobile or tablet involved? that is where the data is since the quad does not have any memory or storage that I know of.
  7. Head over looked pretty cheap / generic to me compared to last years
  8. Happy New Year to all in this thread! Resolutions? I want to play more than 25 rounds in 2022. (22 last season)
  9. More than I care to admit. Being in the the business and a tech rep for a number of years, I have a bunch of driver shafts but currently the Ventus Red is not going to be changed out anytime soon.
  10. The new shaft for this year in regular flex is the 95. Very similar to the 105 in every aspect, maybe a couple of grams lighter.
  11. Long neck Columbus one black and one chocolate with and without stroke lad shaft.
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