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  1. No chance those are real. wrong grip, ferrule and the impact dampener looks bad.
  2. It’s oxidation. Clubs might have been put away still wet with headcovers on. No worries. Just clean with soapy water and a old tooth brush.
  3. No irons should be D9 unless they are built 3” over standard length. Too funny!
  4. Turned down the invite to play Butler National.....why? it was for 8:30 this morning.
  5. I doubt they will work if not sold directly by PGASS.
  6. Left is a Titleist driver sleeve Middle is TM from the R1 driver Right is a Titleist fwy sleeve
  7. Still need hit location of the two shots to answer the question.
  8. I have the Ventus Red (thanks to Fuji and GolfWRX) in my Sim. Previously played the Motore Speeder TS 7.2 then the Atmos TS Blue. I “feel” that these three shafts play the same in stiffness and bend profiles for me. All have been accurate as in point and shoot. Tried a GD in both TP6 and IZ6 and a Smoke Black 6. These three “felt” softer or looser, not as accurate. The Ventus Red gives me the two things I wanted - smidge higher launch with a much better decent angle 36-38 and accuracy while still the same feel of the Atmos or Speeder. After seeing Marshall /Trottie at the Kingdom I might
  9. Both Trevino and Norman had used ribbed grips this way in the past. They wanted the ridge on top to set their thumbs in the correct spot.
  10. Argonne i wish I would have seen your previous post, I was off today and live 10 min from there. Would have joined you is you wanted.
  11. Go try the new stock Distanza 40g option
  12. What in the world is 6 up? extend then, stand closer or see a pga professional
  13. Well the McHenry Senior Am finished today. What happen to sunny and 85? More like 70 and windy. Played like crap the first day but had a bounce back today for a 3rd place finish in the A flight.
  14. Larger grip to reduce the “loop” in your stroke might also delay face closure rate as well.
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