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  1. Had a Jones Players series bag that I gamed for a while and really enjoyed the lightweight and simplicity of a Sunday bag. I liked it so much that I took the dive and ordered a custom Mackenzie 7" one pocket bag! I only carry 12 clubs with standard sized grips and they were never an issue in the Jones so I am expecting more of the same with my new daily driver.... once the 8 week lead time is up....
  2. ^^^^^^ This^^^^^^ I have gamed 745-765-ZX7 and have hit 785's on GC Quad. There is something to be said for Endo forgings but in all honesty if you hit them all off center you'd be hard pressed to "feel" a difference. The earlier 7 series do have a slightly wider sole and longer heel toe, which suits my eye better at address, over the 785's and ZX7's. I game earlier 7 series for personal preference as far as shape goes.
  3. I have seen little to no difference in my handicap when changing irons. I go from players CB Srixon Z745 to GI Srixon Z585 depending on the day. Only difference I see is that when I hit it not on center the GI goes further but it's still a miss hit. I do take in to account the loft differences though as the GI are normally stronger lofted that players CB. I think that's where people have the misconception that different irons with the same number stamped on the sole go "further" than others.
  4. Hello WRX'ers! I will be visiting Memphis TN on Labor Day and am looking for a course to play while there. I will be Ubering to the course and will not be taking clubs with me. I am looking for a course that's somewhat close to Downtown that also has rental clubs available. I would like to play somewhere worthwhile as this will be my only round for the duration of my stay (travelling with non-golfing friends). Thanks!
  5. I have a trip coming up in September that has me laying over in phoenix AZ for 14 hours on a Sunday. I am looking for suggestions on a course that I can Uber to and play a round at and maybe an additional 9 (time permitting). I will be needing to rent clubs as well so that will need to be available at the course. A quick google search brought up Troon golf course. Seems to be a nice location with club rentals. About 35 mins out from the airport with no traffic. Suggestions?
  6. Not by me. Clubs were purchased in So Cal
  7. Great seller! Top notch gear at great prices as always!
  8. Gorgeous Carbon! Mine is similar specs and feels buttery. GLWS
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