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  1. Are they that bad or is it the price point? Milled blade putters with a top sight line are hard to find and the Austin looks nice in pictures. But I have no interest in paying 400$ for one and don't feel right going into golf shops with no intention of buying new at retail price. Used market is sub $200 all day long.
  2. Has anyone seen any counterfeit Toulon Austins? Looking at previous gen with the sight line on top specifically.
  3. Just replaced my CBX 50 degree with a z765 AW to go with my z565 irons. I hit the CBX shorter than expected and didn't gap right for me between PW and 54 degree wedge. I also had trouble with distance consistency for whatever reason. Z765 wedge goes a little longer for me than the CBX 50 despite the higher loft and seems to fit better with the set.
  4. I know, I've seen some bad fakes but these ones look pretty close
  5. An ad with the same pictures popped up on Boston area Craigslist. Probably the same guy. Has a tour only one on there too.
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