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  1. @KevCannon Best info I have on AD HD vs AD TP
  2. I don't have EI profile data on that shaft. From what i see on the Mitsu website, I would definitely add the ZF to a short list for comparison to the TP. On paper the "mid launch low spin" description seems like a good match. Just don't have any experience with the ZF shaft. Based on a few reviews i have read, it seems like people describe the shaft as having a "hinge" in the middle with a lot of kick. Even with profile matches, two shafts can feel very different during the swing.
  3. Agree with @Drivingrangehero. You may actually like it with less weight in the head. I would also be open to extending the shaft a bit, .5" to 1", to account for some of the drop in swingweight. Try lead tape first. Once you find the head weight you like, get it hotmelted to spec through the port on the toe. Will give it a more solid sound off the face and a clean look on the back again.
  4. Mitsubishi Diamana BF or TB. Most of the Tour AD products follow a soft mid "Blue" profile. The feel in the hands will vary from shaft to shaft. The Tour AD magic is their ability to make a bunch of subtle variations to the same general shaft profile.
  5. Just contacted my local shop to see if they have the Rad in to demo. They got the heads, but no shafts. Come on man
  6. Big difference in handle stiffness between the 60 gram and 70 gram shafts. You can see the Ventus 6X has a softer handle than both Atmos 6 and 7, while the Ventus 7 X has a firmer handle than Atmos. The other factor is balance point. Measured from the tip, the balance point in inches: Atmos 6X, 23.68 Atmos 7X 24.18 Ventus 6X 24.41 Ventus 7X 25.29 (for comparison Tensei PO 60TX 25.37 ). So the balance point will shift about an inch higher from Atmos to Ventus, which will have a measurable impact on swingweight.
  7. Nice! Thanks for the review. For me, F9 is the gold standard for feel off the face with a driver. Wood bat solid. Still as long as anything out there, but the misses really hurt me a couple times a round. Off center stability could be better. Most of the online reviews seem to be testing the radspeed with the weight back, which suggests it is very low spin. I think people will find a pretty significant drop in spin from SZ Extreme to Rad XB too. Seems like they addressed the spin issues with SZ and F9. Will certainly try both radspeed and XB. Actually prefer the gloss finish so it matches the
  8. What did you think of the new drivers? Which one did you end up ordering?
  9. PT has more taper top to bottom and the top is more rounded. For the company that says "say no to taper", its quite the departure from their original design philosophy. Most similar grip on the market would be the Winn AVS midsize pistol. "The 1.0PT series is today’s twist on a classic design used by tour players for decades. A smaller overall profile features a pistol-style with a more pronounced arc under the top hand extending into the butt area of the grip."
  10. I think it will work out great. You know the TP works and putting the same shaft in driver and 3 wood will keep the feel similar. If the numbers are right, I see no reason why you can't play the same shaft in driver and 3 wood. A significant number of pros do the same thing.
  11. Would rather have the S grind in a 50* like the Jaws MD5. I like the M grind, but I don't see the utility of an M grind in a gap wedge.
  12. These are specs for the Radspeed. Only model with front/back weight adjustability. Radspeed stock length is 45.5" with Arccos and 45.25" with standard grip. Rad XB and XD is 46" with Arccos and 45.75" with standard grip. Tour length is the same for all models.
  13. I played AD TP in driver and still have a TP in my 3 wood. Unbelievable shaft. I have since moved to Ventus Black in driver, but still have the TP as a backup. The people that like TP often find DI to feel "loose". At the same time the TP still has some kick, where the IZ feels more one piece/linear. The TP is the perfect balance between the two sides. If you are looking for a little more spin and like the TP, I would look at the VR. If you have enough launch and spin, or use your 3 wood mostly off the tee, I think the TP is fine in a 3 wood.
  14. Might be pandemic influence because it wasnt the only new shaft named after a medical condition. I can only think of Tuberculosis when i see the Mitsubishi Diamana TB.
  15. Drivers usually show up on the sub menu once it's available for pre-order. No doubt they are having production issues, which is hardly a surprise given the fact we are still in a global pandemic. Logistics doesn't seem to be a strength for Cobra either. I had two separate orders for irons and a fairway that both came back wrong last year. The fairway got so delayed I just bought the demo head in the shop. The big tour fairway might be my favorite 3 wood of all time, but it wasn't easy to get. The big 4 will have stronger supply chains and more volume to help overcome current challenges. None
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