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  1. I remember reading somewhere the the number handwritten on the sole is the lowest actual loft the club can be set at. Given that standard Cobra adapters can only go -1.5*, the actual loft on most of these heads are at least a degree less than what is stamped on the hosel. Really looking forward to giving these a go! Nice work Cobra.
  2. So it's a Ventus Blue with a slightly stiffer handle section. Makes me think Ventus Blue TR will have a higher balance point when compared to Ventus Blue due to the beefed up handle. On paper this will be similar to Hzrdus RDX Blue and could be related to the Ventus Blue CB Proto that showed up on tour. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1770786-ventus-proto-cb/
  3. Took that down quick! Didn't get a chance to see it.
  4. @JungleJimbo Man. My bad. And good catch by both of you. Doubled the head weight for no reason at all. Wasn't trying to mislead or flex on WRX. I meant 200 grams. Corrected in the original post.
  5. I have mine at 45.25" with a 12 gram weight in the back. Head is about 200 grams. I would weigh the Tsi3 and XB head on a scale to see the difference between the two. Increasing the weight at the back of the head will slightly increase MOI (more forgiving), slightly increase dynamic loft at impact (higher launch/spin), and slightly increase the rate of closure (draw bias).
  6. I would look at Catalyst 100. Balance point will be lower/neutral vs Modus 130. Obviously weight is lighter. Both have a very stiff mid with a relatively soft tip section. Different feel at impact for sure, but as expected between steel and graphite. Modus 130
  7. The two explanations in my mind are 1) the prevalence of newsfeeds in chronological order and 2) less wait time between press release and product release. Just by having the Cobra embargo date later than TM and Cally, LTDx will enjoy being "on top" of Stealth and Rogue ST in most digital news feeds. At the same time, people want to go look at and hit the new club they are reading about. Makes no sense to have a press release a month before a product release.
  8. How good would this shaft look with the new Odyssey Tri Hot putters....
  9. Not saying you guys are wrong, just hard to believe. Golf monthly did a test and got the following results: He suggested that the lower spin in the 221 was likely due to the stock PX LS shaft. Got no problem testing the 221 out to see how they stack up to my MP20's. Just haven't had a chance to hit them yet.
  10. That's crazy. Any difference in spin and clubhead speed? I'm assuming we are talking about fitting heads at the same loft with a fitting shaft at the same length, but that is hard to believe. There is just so little tech in a blade. I would expect to see a 2 mph difference between 221 and 223, but that is easily explained by a material difference and 2* stronger lofts in 223. Objectively 221 is a little smaller and my understand is that CG is slightly higher vs MP20 to lower ball flight. Other than that they should be about the same.
  11. Agreed. F9 was groundbreaking with how they positioned the back weight (Speedback). You saw Taylormade copy it right away with the "inertia generator" and now Callaway copying it with their Rogue ST line. F9 ballspeed was great but not low spin. Speedzone was the F9 warmed up in the microwave. Radspeed was another step forward with weight being pushed to the perimeter. Again you saw TM do the same thing with SIM2, and Callaway following suit a year later with Rogue ST. The focus of LTDx will be lowering the CG to the neutral axis while maintaining good MOI numbers. For high speed players (who are also typically high spin), CG location can be more important than MOI. Cobra has had a very consistent low CG driver design philosophy. Lower CG = higher launch and lower spin. A lot of people want that. LTDx will compete with anything that comes out this year at a $100 discount. I'm just wondering how Ping and Titleist can sit there and say "all metal driver designs are still the best we can do".
  12. I don't know price yet. My guess is $450-$500. We will all find out in a couple weeks!
  13. LTDx LS = Radspeed LTDx = Radspeed XB LTDx Max = Radspeed XD
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