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  1. Thought I would love playing the LD Pro V1x, but I don't. Very durable and long no doubt. I have no problem spinning them enough too. Just too firm for me and requires a lot of work to recalibrate chipping and putting. Would rather play Pro V1 or BX.
  2. Reminds me of the old BeCu wedges Cleveland and Ping used to make. They look awesome.
  3. Was wondering the same thing. Probably Modus 130 https://www.golfwrx.com/652272/charles-howell-iii-witb-2021-april/
  4. So am I right in thinking there are only 6 unique wedge heads in the T22 lineup? 46/06 S grind, 51/08 S, 56/14 S, 56/10 D, 58/08 C, 60/06 X. Everything else is bent strong or weak and rebadged? Would make sense. Forging is expensive and it would cut down on cost to have as few unique heads as possible.
  5. Which grind is most like the Vokey M grind? The Mizuno X or C?
  6. Z Grip is more like the Crossline Cord than UTx. UTx is "cord like" with a fabric weave, but not going to provide the same traction or moisture management as Z Grip or Crossline Cord.
  7. You're right, those two shafts are not what I would call similar. They may both fit you though. A tipped Ventus Red would be most like the Fuji Speeder. Ventus Black is most like Hzrdus T1100.
  8. Any information about the loft and bounce specs? There are descriptions about the new grinds (S,D,C,X), but no loft/bounce chart yet.
  9. I would look at the Cobra Kind Forged MB irons, especially if you like the CG1 in black pearl.
  10. Good information put out out by True Temper on their PX LS shafts in their YouTube channel. Have never seen EI profiles or bend profile descriptions from True Temper. The variable tip section in the LS might be why these shafts may play more like a flighted set and feel less harsh at impact VS standard PX. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic8CI9yeBvI
  11. Odyssey needs to release a "My White Hot" program like Taylormade did with the Spider and TP. I'm guessing they won't because they do not want a putter line that would steal sales from the Toulon Garage. Imagine being able to pick alignment, head color, insert type, etc....
  12. I'm a fan of the GP MCC grip and was comparing the specifications of the Teams MCC grip to the standard version. The original MCC is 46.5 grams for the standard size and the Teams version is 50 grams for the same grip size. At midsize the original MCC is 59 grams and the Teams grip is 63.5 grams. Any reason why the Teams grip is approximately 4 grams heavier? I think of extra wraps adding about 2 grams to the grip, which means the Team MCC grip is roughly equal to the original MCC + two wraps. The standard grip size with a .58 core is popular on tour as a size between standard and mid. I see the Whiteout MCC with a .58 core size is 50 grams as well. Makes me wonder if Golf Pride developed the new Teams grip with larger dimensions to mimic a .58 core MCC. Curious if anyone has had first hand experience with the two grips. https://www.golfpride.com/faqs/grip-specifications/
  13. Thanks for sharing! Curious what parameter you changed that caused the Srixon XV to fall off as good ball fit? Looked like the first round of testing had the Srixon XV as your top ball, while it didn't show up in the top three during the second round. Played the BX all year and find it to be a great ball as well.
  14. Watch Scotty release a full Teryllium lineup next year. Everyone was shouting for a slant neck Phantom X 5.5. They did a special release with "JT" logos all over the thing and charged $850 for it. Ugly headcover and lots of words/stamping all over the bottom. Once the hype died down they roll out a very similar putter in their stock Phantom line, minus the red dots and welded neck. Now they roll out a "Champions Choice" lineup with a very similar pretense. A Scotty that has won on tour that everyone wants, special release, ugly headcover, lots of words all over the putter. Just makes sense for Special Select to be replaced with a Teryllium lineup next year.
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