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  1. I have always wanted to know if pros use the counterweight in the grip. Read somewhere that Jordan and Dustin do not. I think Xander does.
  2. That's weird and unfortunate. The PX LS looks like a C Taper and I guess the tip bends like a C Taper too. Played PX steel for a long time and never had an issue with tip bending to my knowledge.
  3. I don't want to mislead you. The Ventus Black profile doesn't change a ton between weight classes, just becomes a little stiffer in the handle and more counterbalanced with added weight. Ventus Blue is similar. More counterbalanced with added weight. The Fujikura website does a great job of telling you how tip and butt stiffness compare between their shafts. If you like Tensei Pro Orange, Ventus Black is the best comparison in the Ventus line but not a perfect match. I would be looking for a shaft that was more mid stiff. The Fuji Pro 2.0 TS or Motore X F1 with extra tipping would
  4. PX does have a reputation for being harsh. I think it has less to do with the bend profile and more to do with the stepless design. C Taper also comes to mind as a shaft stereotyped as harsh. Just put in some prosoft inserts to see if it helps improve feel, although I never had joint problems with PX. FWIW: S3 shaft database measures the frequency of Modus 130 S as the same as PX 6.5. Hard to believe, but true that they are the same flex. Modus 130 X is literal rebar. 130 X is 24 CPM stiffer than 130 S and PX 6.5. Modus 120 X is 32 CPM softer than 130 S/PX 6.5. Even a
  5. Have played Modus 120 and 130. Prefer 130 over 120, but I like PX more than either Modus shaft. Players that like PX will gravitate towards 130 since both have a stiff handle section. The 120 in comparison will have a very soft handle section and will feel totally different in transition. Whether you like one or the other is player specific. Project X, Modus 120, Modus 130 can all produce a similar launch and spin. Where I find PX different from Modus 130 is the mid and tip. The super stiff mid and soft tip makes the 130 easy to elevate and hard (for me) to flight down. Had a strong dislike fo
  6. I'm partial to the Titleist U500 and U510. Ball speed and launch with the U510 is close to a hybrid and fairly forgiving. Compact, low offset, flat ball flight with the U500. Before narrowing your choices down, decide if you want the option of using a hybrid shaft with a .370 tip. The Srixon ZX does not have a .370 bore size and you would be limited to a graphite iron shaft with .355 taper tip.
  7. In the 60 gram range in S flex, the two highest balance points in the GD line are AD VR and IZ at 24.12. The lowest is AD XC at 23.75. Splitting hairs trying to find the highest balance point in the Tour AD lineup. None in the 60 gram range would be considered "counterbalanced" either. If you like a "blue board"/Tour AD profile and want a more a more counterbalanced design I would look at the Project X Smoke Yellow or RDX Blue.
  8. I agree with this. Cobra drivers are low CG by design and typically respond well to shots low on the face. F9 is still one of the best for sound and feel in recent history. It's weakness was not being super low spin (for me), which meant playing the weight forward to reduce spin. The weight forward setup was not very forgiving. Bought some extra weights to play with the CG and SW which helped a little. Cobra RAD drivers are lower spin across the board. Found the XB to be lower spin than F9 and more forgiving.
  9. This is exactly where I would start. If you like the way the AP2's work, get the specs checked on both sets to see if there is a significant difference in loft, lie, and swingweight. It is reasonable to assume there would be a difference in strike feel if lie angles are more than 1* different or more than 2 SW points different. This is also assuming total weight is similar in both sets with the same shaft and grips on each set.
  10. I have to agree with the scale posted on the Lamkin website. The genesis rubber seems less tacky than the ACE material. Both the REL ACE and UTx were really tacky and a big part of the reason people liked them so much. Why Lamkin makes a habit of discontinuing good grips is beyond me. Tried the ST+2 and loved the shape/taper, but I did not find it very tacky. GP MCC provides better traction, although it is significantly firmer. Also have to disagree about the lack of tack on the GP TV Aligns. Excellent grip if you like the align rib. GP reformulated the rubber to make it more tack
  11. I have a slight negative AOA with driver. Played F9 with weight forward for that reason. Came to love the muted feel off the face. Now playing Rad XB. Spin numbers and ball speed are still good and more forgiving than F9.
  12. Yes the face angle will be a little closed going from 9.0 -> 10.5*. The other thing to consider is it will also be 1* upright from standard.
  13. I get it. I only play 1 club in the "3 iron" slot, hybrid or driving iron. Not sure what your gaps look like. Nice thing is you can bend the loft easily on a U-500 to fit that gap better. Maybe the U-500 3 iron bent a degree or two weak would work? Only concern is it will have a little less offset than your 4 iron if you bend it. As a side note, I was wondering myself how to get a little more launch with my longest iron (4). I play PX myself and was curious to try the the new PX IO in the 4 iron only. If you look back at an old TW spec sheet, he used to play PXi in his 2 iron. May
  14. Not a hot metal pro, but when I bought my MP20 set I had ordered a 4,5 HMB and 6-P MB. With the 5 iron bent 1* weak I had 4* gaps between irons the whole way down. Sitting in the bag, the HMB and MB blend nicely. At address, the HMB is a much larger footprint and I didn't care for the way the wide sole felt going through the ground. I returned the HMB's for a 4,5 MMC which I like way better. Much thinner sole vs HMB while still giving you very comparable forgiveness. If you a looking for a single iron at the top of your set that's a little hotter and launches a little higher witho
  15. Hideki is such a clear candidate for an armlock putter. Why he continues to test subtle iterations of the same putter is beyond me.
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