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  1. Red profiles are the easy answer and certainly have a stiff handle and soft tip. The "soft" tip of Tour V and Modus 130 isn't that soft though. The distinguishing feature has more to do with the very stiff mid section. I would not describe most "red" shafts as having a stiff mid like Modus 130 or Tour V. If you are something in a similar launch-spin category with a very stiff mid I would look specifically at LA Golf Trono. More broadly I would look at black/white profile shafts with stiff handles. Ventus Black and Smoke Green TX come to mind. Hzrdus Black and T1100 if you are looking at older shafts. Tour V was developed for Phil and Modus 130 for Sergio. Both play Ventus Black.
  2. I would go 105 TX. Weight is 115 grams. Gives you something that splits the difference between your KBS steel and 80 gram fairway shaft. I had a pretty big gap between 4 iron and 3 hybrid. Trying to split the gap a little better with Titleist TMB and MMT 105. Your Fli Hi would be a good fit for a test. I really liked that iron. Plus if you love 105 TX there is at least one option (Callaway) that offers the shaft as a stock option. Haven't seen anyone offer MMT 125 yet.
  3. Tour V 125 is definitely stiffer than Tour V 120. 125 TS is 10 CPM higher (a full flex more stiff) than 120 X.
  4. Both will have similar handle and tip stiffness. Tour V 125 will have a much stiffer mid and play about a flex stiffer. Tour V should also launch a little higher. Torque is about the same. Balance point is a half inch higher in the Tour V.
  5. That's what people are getting hung up about. There are few irons that have as much cachet as a Mizuno blade. There was never any need for script. Running bird stamp on the back and model on the hosel. You know its forged from the finest steel in all the land, no need to tell everyone on the hosel. At first I though people getting upset about the "Mizuno Pro" script was dumb, but I started to think "what if GMC put General Motors Company script on the back of their trucks?". Companies aim for brand recognition. Once you have it you can start dropping script. Look no further than Nike, McDonalds, or Starbucks. They don't need to tell you the name of the product anymore. Less is more. Anyway....hope this means my MP 20's will be collector items. The last "MP" irons ever made
  6. Still only Callaway that offers this shaft as a stock option in their irons? Going to order one to demo in a 4 iron.
  7. Played Modus 130 S and Modus 130 X, which are similar to Tour V. They both feel great, but i had a hard time flighting shots and playing partial approach shots. Modus 130 was amazing in a 7 iron and not so great in a 4 iron and PW. Tour V and Modus 130 will both launch and spin higher than PX. I would agree that Modus 130 feels really smooth. If you want a smoother feel than PX while keeping launch and spin similar, I would look at PX LS. As a side note, I wouldn't ignore balance point. By design Tour V and Modus 130 will have a higher balance point and be slightly counterbalanced vs PX
  8. I would look at the Evenflow Riptide. Riptide is the next generation of Evenflow shafts. Should be familiar in terms of feel. Looks like there is a 50 grams option as well. Not sure how sensitive you are to grip size, both Evenflow Black and Riptide have an oversized butt diameter as well which will make the grip feel a little bigger.
  9. I was looking for an easier to hit 4 iron and had my mind set on a T200 4 iron. Demoed the T200, MP 20 HMB, and Callaway X Forged UT. Just by chance they had a 718 TMB in the shop and I hit that as well. TMB felt better than all of them and ended up leaving with one. Never hit one previously, but a really solid feel for a hollow body iron. TMB's were expensive when they came out and in a different price range than T200. At the same time there is a definitely some shared DNA.
  10. I'm getting the sense that anything with a Stiff+ or Very Stiff rating in the tip section is going to make the shaft feel a little more harsh at impact, relative to other Tour AD Shafts. Never heard anyone describe the AD GP as one of their better feeling shafts either. I would agree that most of the Tour AD shafts feel great. I'm going to stick with my TP's for now.
  11. @Valtiel Since you have experience with TV Super Tack, what do you make of the grips on Bradley's clubs? Has the shine of a high tack grip, but clearly not TV Super Tack. Wondering if this is similar to the TV Align Tack grip that was developed for Fowler. This might be a prototype TV "Tack" grip. https://store.golfpride.com/store/grips/prod2950787/tour-velvet-align-tack
  12. I honestly don't understand how there could be much hype for a new Vokey wedge. There just isn't that much tech in a wedge. Now doubt SM9 will have optimized CG and the sharpest grooves ever. Probably a new finish. Biggest surprise would be a new grind (T grind lob as the odds on favorite followed by a non-F grind gap wedge). Not a bad thing, but you know what you are getting with a Vokey wedge.
  13. Using Lamkin REL ACE grips again. Behind crossline, has to be one of their best selling grips. Very confusing why Lamkin would discontinue that grip.
  14. It's a classic now no doubt. i don't think the new iterations have improved the shape at all. The "rocket boosters" on the back give it a square profile the newer ones don't quite have which taper more towards the back. Guarantee DJ has multiple replicas of this putter. Especially since TM still makes the head. This one looks new. If you really really wanted to know you could look at the serial number on the sole and compare it to old WITB pics. I just don't care that much.
  15. JT is about to show Ricky how to hit a custom blade with no offset. Man these are clean.
  16. That's how they look normally. Shiny tour velvet usually means slick. In this case the shine is part of the high tack, non-brushed surface. Kind of like a tour velvet using the rubber from a Tour Wrap 2G. I have been wanting to try one out.
  17. Curious what these grips are. They look like an updated Tour Velvet Super Tack?
  18. From what I read, it's likely a 120X. Has been in Ricky's bag before. https://www.golfwrx.com/608452/rickie-fowler-matthew-wolff-witbs-for-taylormade-driving-relief-skins/
  19. This bag is top shelf WRX. New PX LS steel and GD graphite. All the graphite is heavy and X stiff, the driving iron shaft is so heavy and stiff it's a tour only prototype, TM woods with the exception of a TSi3 which is allowed in the bag on looks alone, Srixon irons (endo forged of course), Vokey wedges with a modified LBK lob, cord grips, and of course...a custom Scotty to top it off. The man has a taste for the finer things in life. The antithesis of the Higgs WITB.
  20. Looks like the AD grind may have been available retail in the past through Wedgeworks. https://www.vokey.com/product/WM90.html
  21. Spieth played PX 6.0 in his irons back in '15 when he won the Masters and US Open. Changed to 6.5 at some point between '16 and '17 before he won the Open.
  22. This makes sense. Especially if they are moving the 223 closer to the 921 Forged in terms of forgiveness. Size follows forgiveness. You can almost see Mizuno building parallel lines between JPX and MP. MP MB = JPX Tour, MP MMC/223 = JPX Forged, MP HMB/225 = JPX Hot Metal. I had the MP18 MMC, which were definitely bigger with a much wider sole vs MP20 MMC. For the same reason they axed the MP SC, Mizuno doesn't want too much overlap between irons. The current MP20 MMC is closer to the MB than the HMB. Wouldn't surprise me to see a beefier MMC/223 during this cycle.
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